Zoom proposes to discard all corporate phones, replacing them with Zoom Phones

Zoom announced the launch of “Zoom Phone” camera desk phones for video conferencing with the ability to share content and annotations. The company sees this as an easy solution to the problem of video communication in the workplace without a large upfront investment, planning to earn money on a subscription.

Zoom Video Communication (ZM) has seen tremendous growth during the pandemic with its online video conferencing app, and is now looking to reap the additional benefits of people returning to their offices, to their workplaces.

Zoom Wednesday announced the new Zoom Phone Appliances from Poly and Yealink – their video panels and modular solutions have long been offered by Zoom in combination with a paid subscription to its video conferencing service.

The new equipment is very easy-to-use camera phones that can replace all old corporate phones and enable very easy and instant Zoom video communication between managers and employees in the workplace.

The key argument for replacing the old phone with a redesigned one with a camera from Zoom is that the equipment will have to be paid for as a Zoom service.

The company has announced Zoom as a Service concept and businesses and firms can upgrade their legacy equipment without a large upfront investment, and software and hardware subscriptions will run under a single Zoom bill. The cost ranges from $ 3.99 to $ 50 per month depending on the functionality of the device.

Each Zoom Phone leverages the power of the modern Android platform, no configuration or IT support is required, users simply connect to the Zoom Phone Appliance app using their Zoom account.

In a press release, Zoom states: “Zoom Phones are always on and always ready for instant communication and collaboration. Easily start ad hoc or scheduled appointments, make and receive phone calls, check voicemail, and virtually collaborate with sharing content and annotations. ”

In addition to the “ZoomPhone Equipment as a Service” service, the company provides a huge selection of equipment from different manufacturers (the same Poly and Yealink, as well as DTEN, Neat), which are used to create professional conference rooms “Zoom Rooms”.

For the equipment of the conference room, the client does not need expensive purchases, it is only necessary to select the appropriate equipment and pay a monthly subscription fee to Zoom.

This equipment with Zoom videoconferencing service is designed for a wide range of clients – these are educational institutions, and professional schools and courses, state. institutions, medical, as well as various companies and enterprises.

How will this benefit Zoom and its investors?

Today, many global companies are seeking to migrate or supplement their products or services with services with a monthly fee – this allows you to create a constant and scalable stream of income, which increases the value of such a company in the eyes of investors.

Thus, Apple (AAPL) expanded its business of selling technology – with subscription services Apple TV, Apple Music, iCloud, and automakers Tesla (TSLA), General Motors (GM) and others are seeking to update the software of their cars’ on-board computers remotely in order to earn money on them after the sale.

However, Zoom shares reacted 2.24% to yesterday’s news and are down 1.1% YTD as investors expect a response on whether the company will maintain its earnings after people return. to offices, and students to schools and universities.

Zoom’s quarterly report earlier this month showed that investors shouldn’t worry as the company continued to add customers (30,000 customers with more than 10 employees), posting yet another record in sales. Read more in the Marketinfo.pro article “Zoom Shares Rise as the Company Continues to Show Growth Despite the End of Quarantine.”

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