Yandex, and their plans for the patriotic games fund

The government has planned to create a fund to support game developers about Russian culture and history. Subsidies can be received by creators of computer, mobile and online games. According to Kommersant sources, the idea to create the fund was promoted by Group and Yandex, which will become the obvious beneficiaries of the project.

Should we take this as a reason to buy Yandex or shares, and which of them look more promising? Sergey Drozdov, an expert at Univer Capital, answered the question of Fortrader magazine.

– I don’t think that Group and Yandex really expect to make money on this. Yandex is not engaged in games, mainly works in the segment of mobile games, in which it is rather difficult to promote some values ​​or ideas – not the most convenient format. In addition, these companies have quite enough of their own financial resources to invest in such projects without getting involved with funding from the fund, which will require going through various bureaucratic procedures.

Perhaps the reasons why these companies are lobbying for the creation of the fund are different. For example, they expect that by being involved in the work of this fund as experts, they will be able to facilitate their search for promising young personnel or even those projects in which they can invest as investors.

I do not think that this will somehow affect the value of their shares in the short term, but in the long term it will undoubtedly be profitable.

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