Hello colleagues! While passions are raging in geopolitics, and gas prices do not even think of falling (thumped from below at 1100 today on the Dutch TTF), it’s time to think about where the next crisis may erupt and who will be its beneficiary. Let’s look at the forest – it’s not gas, not uranium and oil. It `s that? what houses are built from, well, and other “nonsense”. CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) technology is now very popular in Europe – this is a wooden panel made from layers of solid lumber glued together. Panels are made from layers, as a rule, of coniferous, dried wood species. Based on it, massive wooden panels are produced. Laminated laminated wood panels were first developed and used in Germany and Austria in the early 1990s, but it was only after the mid-1990s that more extensive research was carried out. By the 2000s, the production of laminated wood panels was much more widely used in Europe, used in various building systems, such as single-family and multi-storey buildings. Laminated wood panels have come to be seen as a solution to global environmental problems, as well as improved marketing and accessibility. A huge proportion of harmful emissions into the atmosphere on the planet falls on the production of reinforced concrete, as well as on its transportation. Wood production is environmentally friendly. At the same time, wooden buildings actively absorb harmful substances and purify the atmosphere. Green energy, wooden houses, what else is needed to meet old age … Growth is predicted: Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020: ========= noisy: Newly released preliminary data signals that deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon in April (2021) was the highest for that month in at least five years years) Lumber futures (Lumber – CME) shot into the sky and with a high probability of growth will continue (on the screen one of the scenarios under consideration), quarterly plan: both against inflation and against the background of growth in the states housing starts (the beginning of housing construction The indicator reflects the number of construction objects that appeared during the reporting period (month)): More clearly, one picture. How many houses can be built in 2020 and 2021 with such an increase in prices: ========= The Russian government has previously expanded restrictions on the export of timber: from January 2 to December 31, 2022, increased export rates for certain types of timber with a moisture content of more than 22 percent and a thickness and width of more than 10 centimeters. The European Union has initiated proceedings at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against restrictions on the export of timber products by Russia, the European Commission said. The only thing that can make a mess, other interested parties, can only be fires: Forest fires in Russia (2021) – since June 2021, engulfed the taiga forests in Siberia and in the Far East. Followed by a record 2021 heat wave and drought. By August 16, 2021, more than 17 million hectares burned out – this is more than all other fires in the world combined, at least since the appearance of the first satellite observations of the Earth (since the end of the 20th century). For the first time in the history of mankind (at least since the advent of satellite observation), smoke from forest fires reached the North Pole.========Who wanted to build a house on the seashore at these prices, it’s time… ====== ==Full list of topics covered in today’s issue:00:00 via prima 00:03:32 Crisis savings strategy 00:25:00 CT 00:51:35 DX 01:21:35 SP 01:26:58 LSMore in the cart scenarios: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa We discuss in the chat: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa_Chat

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