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We continue to review the quarterly reports of US companies. On Wednesday, April 21, and Thursday, April 22, 2021, NextEra Energy, Verizon, Intel and AT&T submitted their reports – we’ll talk about them in our article.

Quarterly reports for April 21, 2021

This Wednesday, NextEra Energy and Verizon released their Q1 2021 financials, which we’ll look at in detail below.

NextEra Energy Report (NYSE: NEE)

The leading clean energy producer in the US released a report on Wednesday that left a mixed impression on the market. On the one hand, it showed positive results and earnings per share even exceeded analysts’ forecasts, on the other hand, revenue did not reach the expected result of more than $ 1 billion.

Important data from the report:

  • Revenue: $ 3.73 billion (forecast – $ 4.9 billion)
  • Earnings per share: 67 cents (forecast 58 cents)
  • Net income: $ 1.33 billion versus $ 1.17 billion a year earlier.

Market reaction and forecast:

After the publication of the report, NextEra Energy shares lost their positions. The decline took place in the form of a correction against the background of an upward trend. The lower border of the channel and the 200-day moving average can serve as the target reference point for the decline.

Having tested the support level, the quotes can bounce and continue the development of the upward trend. At the same time, one should not exclude the possibility of the development of the situation with the breakdown of the 200-day moving average and the decline in quotations to the level of $ 70.00.

Verizon Report (NYSE: VZ)

The US communications giant continues to outperform expectations for 4 quarters in a row. The main risk in this sector at the moment is the transition to the widespread use of 5G technology. Its implementation requires increasing costs from such corporations, at which the development of the general infrastructure slows down.

Important data from the report:

  • Revenue: $ 32.87 billion (forecast – $ 32.44 billion)
  • Earnings per share: $ 1.31 (forecast – $ 1.29)
  • Net income: $ 5.4 billion versus $ 4.3 billion a year earlier.

Market reaction and forecast:

Despite the quite positive report, the company’s shares continue to lose their positions. At the moment, the target is the 200-day moving average. Further, after the breakdown of the indicator line, the price may continue to decline to the lower border of the ascending channel. The target could be $ 55.00. After the support test, the quotes may continue the upward trend.

Technical analysis of Verizon shares as of April 23, 2021

Quarterly reports for 22 April 2021

On Thursday, 04/22/2021, the publication of reports from technology companies continued. Among them, consider Intel and AT&T.

Intel Report (NASDAQ: INTC)

Intel’s 1Q2021 revenue and earnings per share were above expectations, but net income was lower compared to the same period in 2020. Speaking of Intel, one should not lose sight of the fact that the company’s revenue has been falling (albeit at a slow pace) for the third quarter in a row, and that the corporation’s management has not yet solved the problem with the lack of its own capacities for the production of chips, the global demand for which continues to grow.

Important data from the report:

  • Revenue: $ 19.67 billion (forecast – $ 17.78 billion)
  • Earnings per share: $ 1.39 (forecast – $ 1.14)
  • Net income: $ 3.4 billion versus $ 5.66 billion a year earlier.

Market reaction and forecast:

Intel on the background of the publication of the report has significantly lost its position. Quotes have broken through the lower border of the ascending channel and continue to decline. The target for the fall may be the support level at $ 58.30.

Further, the price, having tested the support, can bounce and continue the development of the upward trend. As long as the quotes are above the 200-day moving average, we can talk about the priority of buyers in the market. The current price decline may become another correction before the growth continues.

Intel stock technical analysis for April 23, 2021

AT&T Report (NYSE: T)

On Thursday, another of the largest telecommunications corporations in the world, AT&T, reported its income for Q1. The company reported both an increase in wireless subscribers, good growth in HBO and HBO Max subscribers, and an increase in new wired Internet subscribers. The combination of the communication and entertainment aspects of the business is clearly paying off for the conglomerate.

Important data from the report:

  • Revenue: $ 43.94 billion (forecast – $ 42.7 billion)
  • Earnings per share: 86 cents (forecast – 78 cents)
  • Net income: $ 7.5 billion versus $ 4.6 billion a year earlier.

Market reaction and forecast:

Following the release of the report, AT&T shares have exploded and hit new highs. Quotes continue to move within the boundaries of the ascending channel. After the formed price gap, there are chances for price correction and gap bridging.

The decline may take place within the corrective wave to the level of $ 30.50. After a pullback, the company’s shares may continue to develop upward dynamics. The target for growth will be the $ 33.00 mark.

Technical Analysis of AT&T Shares for April 23, 2021

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