I have been writing for a long time that the main beneficiary of the reflationary policy will be emerging markets, and now we are observing these processes, in my opinion, the strengthening of the ruble and the growth of the Russian stock market will continue until the end of January In the picture, the daily chart of the RTS index futures, which we have: summer peaks, which activated an ascending fractal channel with a target in fractal geometry at 155000-160000; ▪️There is also an ascending fractal channel on a lower time frame with a target of 148000-150000, today there was an attempt to break it, but the quotes held above the lower border of the channel. In my opinion, the strength of growth is insufficient and this channel will be broken. The fact that there is a running correction inside the zigzag of this channel indicates a confident, bullish trend; ▪️The price is much higher than EMA-200, and the rate of growth according to the oscillator is steadily increasing. CONCLUSION 1️⃣On a daily scale, the bullish trend is steadily growing, the fuel for growth is a large short position of individuals on a futures on the MICEX, the closure of these positions pushes the price and until we saw the exhibitor talk about reversal early. 2️⃣ But on the junior scale the quotes grow slowly, which may indicate a possible local correction to the zone 132000-130000, from where you can buy. ========================================== For the latest information on financial markets I invite everyone to my Telegram channel: https://teleg.run/khtrader – My YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/EvgeniyKhalepa in which I post weekly forecasts of financial markets on weekends.

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