Trump vetoes the Congress bill, demands more funding. USA threatened by lockdown

President Donald Trump vetoed a massive $ 740 billion defense bill and called the Cares 2 economy bills passed by Congress “a shame.” If the bills are not passed by Monday, the United States is threatened with a suspension of funding for government organizations (lockdown).

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump vetoed a massive defense policy bill that authorizes $ 740 billion in spending and defines Pentagon policy.

Trump said the current law “works in China’s favor” and also demanded the removal of a section that the president said protects tech giants such as Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) from legal liability for published on their platforms.

Earlier this month, the Defense Act passed both houses of Congress with a limited veto, which means any Trump veto is likely to be overturned. Now Congress must vote again to override Trump’s veto.

In addition to criticizing the Defense Act, Trump called the Cares 2 Act, which provides for $ 900 billion in aid to the country’s economy during a pandemic, “a shame”.

Trump called on Congress to change the amount of payments to Americans from $ 600 (in the current version of the law) to $ 2,000, and also to eliminate “wasteful and unnecessary items of expenditure.”

Cares 2 was passed by Congress on Monday, preceded by about seven months of negotiations in which Democrats pushed for larger payments to Americans, and representatives of the Republican Party, to which Trump belongs, sought to cut funding to reduce the budget deficit.

President-elect Joe Biden, Democrat, previously said the current law “is just the beginning” and that funding will be expanded upon his inauguration as president on January 20.

In response to Trump, the Speaker of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said she would support the incumbent’s call to raise payouts to $ 2,000 and that a re-vote would take place this week.

Both bills are important in the current crisis conditions. The previous $ 2 trillion Cares law, passed at the height of the pandemic in March, ends on December 26, just after Catholic Christmas. This means that many Americans lose the right to receive additional payments, and those who have arrears on loans for housing – risk being evicted, as the moratorium on evictions will end. In addition to direct assistance to citizens, as well as businesses, airlines and more, funding for Cares 2 includes the allocation of $ 30 billion for the purchase and distribution of vaccines against COVID-19.

If the funding laws are not passed on December 28, the United States is threatened with a lockdown (government shutdown). Trump instigated a record 35-day lockdown two years ago by rejecting a federal spending bill over what he said was insufficient funding to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

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