Trump signed a $ 900 billion economic aid bill during the pandemic.

Trump signed into law “CARES 2” on Sunday, which includes measures to help the population and the economy worth $ 900 billion. On Monday, Congress will attempt to vote to raise payments and change some articles, as insisted by the president and supported by the leader of the House of Representatives. Changes will be made if supported by the Senate.

US President Donald Trump belatedly signed the CARES 2 bill on aid to the population, economy, and government funding on Sunday.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump called the bill a “shame”, called for an increase in payments for Americans from $ 600 to $ 900, as well as waive some expenses, pointing to waste and aid to foreign companies.

This position came as a surprise to the House of Representatives, which passed the bill and won the approval of the Republican-controlled Senate. Earlier, representatives of the White House assured that the president would sign the approved bill, which took several months of negotiations to agree on.

What’s next?

There will be no government lockdown

The presence of the approved bill suggests that the threat of a lockdown (suspension of funding for government organizations) in the United States has not materialized since this week and the population, the unemployed, airlines and other companies will receive assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic from the country’s budget.

The main provisions of “CARES 2” at the moment include: direct payments to Americans of $ 600 and $ 600 per child; additional payments to the unemployed at $ 300 per week; a moratorium on evictions, financial assistance for rental housing, funds for tests and vaccines against coronavirus, assistance to health care, education, businesses and businesses. wrote in more detail about the package of measures in the article “Congress reached an agreement on a $ 900 billion aid package in a pandemic.”

Loss of payments for the week

However, in his quest to change the articles of the law, Trump delayed its adoption, as a result of which some unemployed Americans will lose benefits or additional payments for a week. The previous $ 2 trillion stimulus package signed at the end of March expires on December 26.

Edits will be uploaded on Monday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supported Trump’s proposal to increase payments to the population to $ 2,000 and

urged him to nudge other Republican Senate lawmakers to support changes to the bill. So far, GOP officials have opposed higher spending, pointing to the level of the budget deficit.

A congressional vote will take place on Monday, but the Republicans have not yet announced whether they will support the president’s proposal and whether they will vote for or against amendments and higher cash payments to the population.

President-elect Joe Biden has previously stated that the current CARES 2 law is “just the beginning” and that funding will be expanded upon his inauguration as president on January 20. The further fate of the law will depend on whether Republicans retain control of the Senate in two rounds of elections on January 5 in Georgia.

Congress is also scheduled to vote this week to overturn Trump’s veto of a major $ 740 billion defense bill. The president has vetoed the bill, arguing that it gives unwarranted legal protections to tech companies.

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