Trading plan for the future – technical analysis from a trader

I dare to suggest that those who have been trading on Forex for at least a year no longer have euphoria from looking at the variety of traded instruments in the terminal and constant movements of quotes. Over time, the process of making money “out of thin air” turns into a routine, and the result of transactions becomes absolutely indifferent, be it a plus or a minus. I also dare to note that the behavior of quotes changes over time, if before I traded only oil, then recently I switched back to Eurobax and PoundBucks, because, oddly enough, they have become more predictable. But there are couples whose behavior was both inadequate and remained so, for example, this is Baksokanada. In my humble opinion, trading them within the day is a waste of money, because quotes are moving chaotically. Hence, the next concept of trading this pair follows – trading on large charts with a large potential profit. At the moment, we can assume sales in case of growth to this level, there is also a horizontal one:

From the fact that it is possible to try sales from there, purchases from the current ones do not follow, I think it is clear why. Will I sell from there? No, I don’t touch this in principle, there are more useful ways to spend money. In general, nothing personal, just a trading plan based on graphical analysis.

D. Semenov, FG “Kalita-Finance”

December 23 at 12:25

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