Trading indicator of levels Palo4nik

Trading indicator of levels Palo4nik designed to visualize support and resistance levels. Also, the indicator implements the ability to manually draw a ZigZag and quickly change the color of graphical objects.

Trading indicator of levels Palo4nik

Graphic objects are controlled using the mouse and hot keys:

  • [Q] – hotkey hint
  • [W] – hide / show price labels of levels
  • [E] – hide / show descriptions of objects
  • [Z] – enables / disables drawing of a continuous zigzag
  • [Esc] – interrupts drawing of a continuous zigzag
  • [А] – includes red zigzag color
  • [D] – includes blue zigzag color
  • [Ё] – move the buttons for drawing the zigzag
  • [X] – hides / displays zigzags of higher timeframes
  • [Ctrl] + [ЛКМ] – calls / removes any object
  • [Shift] + [ЛКМ] – panel for quick change of color, thickness or fill of shapes
  • [Tab] + [ЛКМ] – extension of lines to the end of the chart (period separator)
  • [CapsLock] + [ЛКМ] – truncation of lines, rectangles
  • [S] – hides / displays levels on all timeframes

Video instructions on using the Palo4nik indicator

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