Traders should monitor their account balance

September 12, 2018

As trading is a business and there are no official investors in this business, you have to manage yours on your own. There is no other way without it. And this is also not a mainstream profession for a human being. Most of us start in here as a side job or testing purpose. But those people who join this business has a high ambition of money. But, for those who are caring to start this business seriously, money controlling is a very serious matter here. If you are not careful enough, you will lose a lot of your money. And that is going to be a tragedy for your career. We are going to give you some tips to get rid of this problem.

Managing your investment

As we mentioned earlier, the investment of your trading business is complete of your own. So, you should save it from declining. But how can you manage to control your trading capital and your trading at the same time? You just have to make a plan for your trading investment once. And that can be followed through eternity. And when you are making a plan just think where you can be a little bit defensive and where can you save some money. We have a decent suggestion for you. Just make some backup from your whole trading capital and keep it isolated. Then separate the whole amount into multiple small segments and use those as your risks per trade.

Assessing your risk factors

Everyone needs to assess their risk tolerance level before they consider trading as their full-time profession. There are many traders in the United Kingdom who have changed their life just by trading the live assets. They know the proper way to execute a trade in their online trading account. Managing the risk factors is the most crucial thing. Some of you might be trading with the fixed 2% rule of risk management but do you really think it will help you. Every trader has a different risk tolerance level. If you start trading with a big sum of money, make sure you not risking more than 1% of your account balance. Losing money is really easy but recovering the loss is the most difficult task in Forex trading profession.

Monitor risk-reward ratio

After you are done with planning about the investment, there are more works in hand. You can monitor your working progress or demotion in the process. There is a thing that helps you do that. It is called risk to profit margin. It is more like a ration that shows how much you have invested and how much you have made from a particular trade. This thing can indicate how much furious you are trading. And when you can monitor your work, you can make subtle adjustments according to the need for your improvement. So, monitor your work through this tool and identify how much aggressive you are playing with. If you are a temptation too much, then try to control yourself and start to play safe

Use very little for every hunt

We might have already given a hint about risking with a little amount of money. That is a great strategy for any trader, especially for the newbies. Because newbies watch too much bad time in from their trades. The amount of their losses is more than any other level traders. The impact of this on their investment is that it will get empty very quickly. In this case, if you trade with very small risks, your amount of loss will be less. If you use stop loss, you are getting more secure. With this strategy, you can keep on trading and improving your strategy at the same time. And one day you can get rid of the curse of any trader’s career which is called the novice period.