Bitcoin has been slowly declining for three days in a row, despite the growth of stock indices. Traders are buying up “dog” tokens, which have jumped by tens of percent in recent days. Miners have been selling bitcoin for three months in a row – both on the fall and on the rise in July. Bitcoin fell 0.4% on Tuesday, ending the day near $24,000. BTC corrected down for the third day in a row, not paying attention to the growing dynamics of stock indices, however, the decline was moderate. Dogecoin showed the maximum growth in the first hundred crypto assets (11.5%). At the end of last week, DOGE entered the top ten of CoinGecko by capitalization, pushing Polkadot to 11th place. A noticeable increase in recent days is also shown by another “dog” token – Shiba Inu. The growth of SHIB was fueled by the activity of cryptowhales. So, on August 10, one of them bought SHIB for more than $3 billion, after which small investors joined the movement, dispersing the token. According to Arcane Research, miners have been selling more BTC than they have mined for three consecutive months since May. Despite the fact that the rise of bitcoin in July eased the pressure on miners, they continue to sell their previously accumulated reserves. The capitalization of the second largest stablecoin USDC decreased by $1.6 billion after the Circle consortium decided to block the addresses of the popular mixing service Tornado Cash. The US Federal Reserve is issuing new rules for crypto banks, according to which they can be granted master accounts, a key financial status that allows direct payments and access to the regulator. The EU authorities will create a new regulatory body AMLA, which will be entrusted with the direct supervision of crypto business. The largest electronic payment system PayPal has added the ability to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies through a mobile application. One of the largest Brazilian banks, BTG Pactual, has launched a platform for investing in cryptocurrencies. Source: FXPro

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