Top social networks to keep abreast of crypto news

Best Social Networks to Track Cryptocurrency News

The crypto market is dependent on the power of information, and working with currency has its own characteristics. Asset management will be effective only if you know the most important and relevant market events. It is also important to analyze the data correctly, since a huge number of unreliable publications appear in the media. Various social networks are used to keep track of the latest news, among them the most popular are Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Medium and BitcoinTalk. Let’s consider them in detail.


Reddit is an online news service that was created in 2005. It allows you to share various information and is considered the “front page on the Internet.” Reddit is one of the ten most popular sites in America.

In the structure of the site, an important place belongs to the sections related to cryptocurrencies, there are 12 of them:

  • r / Bitcoin – has 1.2 million subscribers and is dedicated specifically to Bitcoin;
  • r / CryptoCurrency – General topics about cryptocurrencies;
  • r / ethereum – news on the ethereum currency;
  • r / BTC – Bitcoin discussions and others.

Like any other social network, Reddit allows you to share content, vote for certain posts, and actively discuss them. We can say that this is a social media platform that helps to find new like-minded people. As many as 12 sections are devoted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the number of subscribers has already reached 1.2 million people. The network will be useful to everyone who wants to buy bitcoin.


Twitter is one of the main sources in the crypto world. Here traders, investors, exchange owners, developers have their own accounts. Based on the updates of messages that are on Twitter, you can build an effective strategy for making money on cryptocurrency. For example, TIE and the trading platform were able to create a powerful cryptocurrency portfolio tool called TheTIE-LongOnly CopyPortfolio.

To analyze the information flow, you need to use artificial intelligence filters, as well as the Natural Language Processing language. It is also important to understand the terminology, for example, the name of the DASH altcoin sounds like the Dash browser. You need to trust opinion leaders who are experts and understand when it is better to sell or buy bitcoin. Such accounts must meet the following criteria:

  • have more than 10 thousand subscribers;
  • post at least two tweets a day;
  • have an active audience;
  • value your reputation;
  • understand the field;
  • not be a representative of a project or blockchain.

If people start tweeting about a coin much more often, this is a consequence of a change in its course, but not vice versa.


Telegram was created in 2013 and offers extensive functionality, which is implemented using special bot programs dedicated specifically to cryptocurrency. With their help, you can not only navigate the world of digital money, but also buy bitokin profitably.

Every person who works with cryptocurrency wants to achieve certain goals, so there are a lot of channels. They can be divided into 3 large groups:

  • Channels that give signals and may be paid.
  • Cryptocurrency channels publish data that is necessary to support a crypto trader.
  • Chats that allow you to actively communicate, monitor the market, analyze the latest information, allow you to buy bitcoin.

In Telegram, the list of popular channels dedicated to publications about cryptocurrency includes:

  • CryptoSliva has gathered the best analysts, marketers, programmers. In addition to free signals, it contains signals for the Bittrex, Binance and Bitmex exchanges.
  • CoinTrade is dedicated to the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies. The emphasis is on margin trading based on experience.
  • Cryptoleak – Uses ICO reviews, news analysis. The channel is easy to understand, the hottest news is collected here.
  • Cryptobotany – offers to study open lessons, analytical data.
  • Syndicate is a group of traders who publish analytics. The chat contains private information with cryptocurrency signals.

The highest popularity among channels that publish signals related to market growth. They appear quite quickly, you also need to react quickly and make transactions. Information can be published on a free or paid basis. Telegram is gaining momentum every day thanks to its ease of use and useful channels.


Medium is a fairly fast and simple blogging platform that is the brainchild of the creators of Twitter. Here you can study the latest information, as well as rate forecasts, analytics. Absolutely anyone can register and post notes or publications. A huge plus of Medium is the ability to work with quantitative indicators and statistics. Medium encouraged readers to check information about a company. Projects, data about which is placed on the platform, must meet the following requirements:

  • active link to the domain of a specific project;
  • linking to another social network with the same domain;
  • the email address must remain active and be verified by Medium;
  • only one e-wallet is specified in one post.

Texts that do not meet the requirements are automatically blocked. You can be sure that only verified information is here. Medium is a great choice for beginners who decide to start blogging, discussing, communicating.


BitcoinTalk is the largest cryptocurrency forum founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was through him that such significant events as the first ICO, the first Bitcoin pizza transaction took place. There are several active sections, including English, Russian, Chinese. It is worth registering on BitcoinTalk due to the following advantages:

  • search for new opportunities for earning, it can be new coins, exchange, mining, etc .;
  • self-education thanks to competent professionals who communicate in the chat;
  • to participate in various discussions.

Almost one and a half million users are registered on the BitcoinTalk forum. Throughout its existence, the platform has practically not changed externally. The level of earnings will depend on the rank of the user.


Social media helps traders build an effective cryptocurrency portfolio. It is important to analyze messages correctly and take them into account in a timely manner in a specific trading strategy. Today, there are many popular communities that are really capable of bringing profit to their subscribers, and it is important to be careful in choosing the source of information. Buying bitcoin is just the first step, followed by market analysis and investment strategies.

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