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Having barely appeared on the exchange, the new Internet Computer (ICP) token entered the top ten in terms of capitalization. The creators of the ICP are going to change the outdated IT industry and the Internet in general.

Trading in the new Internet Computer (ICP) cryptocurrency started on May 10 on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Coinbase Pro and Huobi Global.

On the very first trading day, the ICP token reached a capitalization of more than $ 79 billion, its price reaching a record high of $ 700.65. Two weeks later, capitalization fell to $ 16 billion, but ICP continues to be in the TOP-10.

The creator of ICP, Briton Dominic Williams, has big plans – with the help of this project, he planned to revolutionize the Internet and take power over the network from IT giants – Amazon, Google and Microsoft, writes Forbes.

Internet Computer (ICP), created and launched by the Dfinity Foundation, is positioned by developers as “the world’s first blockchain to run at the speed of the Internet with unlimited bandwidth.”

According to them, it represents the third major innovation in blockchain, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum – a blockchain computer that scales computing and smart contract data, runs it at the speed of the Internet, efficiently processes and stores data, and provides developers with powerful software. frameworks, writes block-chain24.

Dfinity aims to reinvent the new Internet as a public computer to host tamper-proof software and a new generation of open Internet services. Dfinity is backed by companies like Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.

The future of the ICP token will largely depend on the IT sector: will it support Williams’ idea and switch to his platform. However, large venture capital funds and companies have participated in the development of the technology, and they have the financial and media resources to support demand and get out of this project with a plus.

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