Today it is worth taking a closer look at the stocks of gold miners

It seems that world markets have completed their growth phase for a while. Fears of acceleration of inflation in the US and the likely faster than previously expected reduction in stimulus measures from the US have been confirmed.

Yesterday’s US inflation data was not just bad, but discouraging: the figure rose from 2.6% in March to a 12-year record 4.2% in April. Analysts expected inflation at 3.6%. Earlier, the Fed said that for “some time” inflation may exceed the target of 2%. It seems that this “time” will be very long, because the growth of the main raw material assets by tens of percent cannot but lead to an increase in the prices of the final product. So we are waiting for a response from the American regulator.

On this news, American stock indices fell by 2 percent or more. NASDAQ slipped the most, by 2.7%. This is due to the fact that so many high-tech stocks have skyrocketed over the past year, giving good profits, which are not a pity to fix.

Against such a disgusting external background, the Russian stock market looked decent, closing “at zero” at the end of the main trading, and even at the evening session, sales were not panicky.

Today, US futures are up 0.2%. However, there is no certainty that large investors rushed to buy out assets that fell in price and that the sales will not return with the opening of US stock markets.

So we will open today with a slight decline. The main pressure will be the shares of the financial sector and commodity companies. Today in the morning more than a percent is losing oil, which yesterday did not dare to seriously assault the $ 70 per barrel mark. But oil prices are at a very comfortable level for Russian companies, so we hope that everything there will manage only by fixing yesterday’s speculative profit.

For now, you should refrain from shopping, but be prepared for them at the first signs of the beginning of growth. And it will definitely start – free money requires investment. Gold miners’ shares look the most promising as gold will continue to be considered the best hedge against inflation.

Interesting and Sberbank, which the day before yesterday submitted a weighty application for the quick closure of the dividend gap.

Mosbirge will trade without dividends today. But here you shouldn’t have any special illusions about the quick closing of the gap. The paper has not only been locally overbought in recent days, but is also traded at “fair” prices.

Active speculators can try to catch one and a half percent of the fall of Norilsk Nickel or Lukoil.

The dollar-ruble pair has been trading relatively stable in recent days, once again indicating that there is no panic in the Russian financial market. To date, the relevant range for her will be 74-75 rubles. for the dollar.

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