In January-April 2022, consumer loans were issued in the amount of 0.74 trillion rubles. or 46.1% less year-on-year (in January-April 2021 – 1.37 trillion rubles). At the same time, compared with the first 4 months of the “pandemic” 2020, the volume of consumer loans issued at the beginning of this year decreased less significantly – by 23.9% (in January – April 2020 – 0.97 trillion rubles). Such data are provided in the survey of the National Bureau of Credit Histories. “In general, the current situation with the issuance of consumer loans is similar to the “quarantine” in the spring of 2020. Only now the main blow to retail lending came not in April-May, as two years ago, but in March-April. a significant reduction in issuance in these months is explained, first of all, by the growth of market rates after the increase in the key rate of the Central Bank in March, as well as the risk policy of banks that continue to adhere to a conservative approach when lending to citizens <...>“. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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