The stock market grows at a modest pace for the fourth day in a row

  • MOEX Index: 3680.85 (+ 0.5%)
  • RTS Index: 1581.13 (+ 0.65%)

The Russian market is growing at the opening of trading on Tuesday. The Moscow Exchange index formally continues to grow for the fourth day in a row, although its rates are rather modest, but even with them, about 0.5% remains to record levels.

The external background remains good. In the US, almost all of the S&P 500 drawdown was also bought, and today the futures continues to rise by 0.3%.

Oil prices are showing zero dynamics these minutes, but the levels are quite comfortable for the Russian market, which allow oil in rubles to stay above 500. Brent is at $ 68.4.

At the same time, the ruble continues to gradually strengthen in tandem with the dollar. The incident in Belarus had some indirect impact on Russian assets yesterday, but it was insignificant. The USD / RUB pair is down 0.19%, being at the level of 73.35. The RGBI government bond index is growing by 0.14%.

Among the heavyweight securities, we note the growth of 0.5-0.6% in the shares of Sberbank and LUKOIL, while Gazprom is losing 0.7%.

Better than the market in the first minutes look the shares of yesterday’s leaders Abrau-Dyurso (+ 5%) on the news about dividends, HSCI (+ 2%) on the message about the trial of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Note that the Moscow Exchange today began trading in futures on the index of American stocks. The contract code is SPYF. The underlying asset for the new futures is the investment units of the SPDR S & P500 ETF Trust.

Also today, trading in receipts of the HMS Group (Trading code – HMSG) was launched.

Leaders: Abrau-Durso (+ 5%), Detsky Mir (+ 2%), HSCI (+ 2%), Mechel-up (+ 1.5%)

Outsiders: Magnit (-0.3%), Tatneft-jsc (-0.3%), Severstal (-0.2%), X5 retail (-0.2%)

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