The state will spend less than 2 billion rubles on caring for the elderly. in year

May 24. FINMARKET.RU – In Russia, a long-term care system (CDS) for the elderly and disabled is being built almost from scratch. As part of the pilot project, more than 100 thousand Russians are now included in it, the number of participating regions has been expanded from 6 in 2018 to 24 this year. And already in 2022, the system should become all-Russian. Experts, however, report a lack of data to assess how, in practice, and not in declarations, projects currently being implemented are changing the quality of life. They also warn that there may be much more people in need of different types of care: we can even talk about 10 million people or more. Which raises the question of funding sources. China, in which the proportion of the elderly is even less than in the Russian Federation, decided to obtain financing from the World Bank for a similar pilot project.

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