The share of counterfeit furniture has grown in the Russian Federation

13th of January. FINMARKET.RU – A working group can be created in Russia to coordinate inspections of illegal furniture clusters. The Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia (AMDPR) approached the Ministry of Industry and Trade with such an initiative, the organization itself told Kommersant. The reason was the increase in the share of illegal Russian furniture, which by the end of 2020 reached almost 20% of the entire market, or about 40 billion rubles, the AMDPR explained. According to the association, the highest share of illegal goods is in the segments of cabinet (bedrooms, kitchens, hallways) and upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs), where the figure reaches 40%. The Ministry of Industry and Trade told Kommersant that the AMDPR data are of an estimate, but they are ready to work out the issue of combating the shadow furniture market in the Russian Federation.

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