The US dollar and the euro fell in price at the very beginning of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the ruble rose against the dual-currency basket against the background of the positive dynamics of the oil market. The first transactions in the US dollar were in the range of 60.4-61 rubles. According to the results of the first minute of trading, the rate was 60.54 rubles. (-41 kopecks to the level of the previous close). At the same time, the euro fell to 63.6725 rubles/EUR1 (-1.08 rubles by Friday’s close). The dual-currency basket decreased by 70.92 kopecks. to the closing level on June 3, to 61.95 rubles. The dollar at the same time turned out to be 1.43 rubles. below the level of the current official exchange rate, the euro – by 2.25 rubles. below the official rate. However, as of 10:07 Moscow time, both the dollar and the euro were already rising. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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