The risks of sanctions have collapsed the Russian stock market

  • MOEX Index: 3537.67 (-1.1%)
  • RTS Index: 1447.1 (-2.88%)

The Russian market falls at the opening of trading on Thursday amid reports from business media that the United States may announce sanctions against the Russian government debt today. The RTS dollar index fell more than 3% at the opening.

The USD / RUB rate jumped above 77 in the morning, adding 1.5% at the moment.

The RGBI government bond index sank 0.7%. However, he did not update the minimums, as yesterday there was a wave of growth after reports of talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States.

At the same time, the external background is not bad. S&P 500 futures are up 0.4%. Oil prices are at zero, but at highs for almost a month, around $ 66.5 for Brent. In Europe, the DAX is up 0.1%, the FTSE is up 0.3%.

Among the blue chips in the outsiders are shares of banks, that is, directly holders of public debt: Sberbank-Jsc (-1.3%), VTB (-1.2%). Rusagro-gdr (-5%) cleared of dividends.

FixPrice (+ 1.5%) and Detsky Mir (+ 1.3%) are getting more expensive after the publication of operating results.

Leaders: Varyeganneftegaz-jsc (+ 14%), Varyeganneftegaz-ap (+ 9%), KAMAZ (+ 3.6%), Rusal (+ 1.8%), Fix Price (+ 1.5%), Detsky Mir (+ 1.3%).

Outsiders: Rusagro-gdr (-5%), Sistema (-1.7%), (-1.4%), Tatneft-jsc (-1.6%), Sberbank-jsc (-1.3 %), VTB (-1.2%).

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