The next target in Alrosa shares is the level of 120 rubles

Trading results

In the previous trading session, Alrosa shares rose 2.38%. Closing took place at around 117.2 rubles. The papers outperformed the market. The trading turnover amounted to more than 2.5 billion rubles.

Short-term picture

The most likely scenario in the trading session on Tuesday is an attempt to test the resistance of 118 rubles. per share. The RSI indicator has not yet entered the oversold zone, ADX and -DI have not reached extreme values. TSI indicator has entered the up-trend zone. This picture on the indicators signals the possibility of continued growth.

The next target of the movement is the level of 120 rubles. The share price may spend some time in the consolidation zone of 116-118 rubles. before the breakdown of the resistance maximum of 118.1 rubles.

If we talk about the likelihood of a decline, then the development of a full correction can begin only after the breakdown of the level of 113 rubles. In this scenario, the share price may fall into the support zone of 109-110 rubles. Such a scenario is unlikely today.

  • Resistances: 118/120/122
  • Supports: 114/109/103

External background

The external background is neutral this morning. American markets were closed yesterday. Asian markets are trading in different directions today and do not show uniform dynamics. Futures on the S&P 500 index are growing by 0.05%, Brent oil is growing by 1.2% and is around the level of $ 70.

Long-term picture

The daily chart signals the possibility of continued moderate growth. At the moment, the indicators do not give clear signals for a reversal. Only the TSI indicator indicates a slight weakness of the current upward movement. The most likely long-term scenario is the price hike in the 120 rubles zone. and the development of a full-fledged correction.

A possible stop of growth and formation of a decline is signaled by the picture on the weekly chart. The strength of the uptrend is gradually decreasing.

With the development of the decline, the targets may be the levels of 108-109 rubles. and 102-103 rubles. per share.

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