Hello, colleagues! Epigraph: “In battle, a person cannot recognize exactly when he was in the greatest danger. During the collision itself, it is impossible to discern which particular circumstance was the most dangerous or the most beneficial. A blow saved from a blow even more. The fallen horse with its fall protected from unexpected death. An accidental cry made me turn around and thereby avoid the deadly package. That is why the ancient wisdom is so correct, which paid attention to the end, to the consequence of everything that happened. ”© We all remember when the prices for crude oil futures dropped sharply to negative values: Many then said that these were coordinated actions with the aim of repeating for Russia, and – for the USSR of the 90s, when: “In 1986, Saudi Arabia, having decided to punish other OPEC countries for exceeding quotas, sharply increased production. The United States also increased it before that. And by the middle of the year, a barrel cost $12. The economy of the USSR began to fall apart, and some rise in oil prices ($15-23 in 1987-1991) did not save it,” Ovcharenko says. offers” (it is not a law, but it is taught everywhere) Consider the chart Weekly US Ending Stocks excluding SPR of Crude Oil (Thousand Barrels) (Weekly ending stocks in the USA). The level of stocks until 2014 (!) was in the corridor: In 2014, well-known events take place and, for a package of sanctions, for any reason, the United States is sharply increasing stocks. From the beginning of the uptrend, the expansion model from the far HP of the weekly plan, reserves break through the range with a parabola: And the price of oil according to the “law” is falling, the graph of changes in %% reserves and Crude Oil for the period from 10/01/2014 to 02/01/2016 Inventories artificially increased +40.67%, oil fell -57.97% (I will separately mark these areas on the oil chart below): This was a trial balloon and a test for the sensitivity of the Russian Federation to such prices (the price dropped to 12/01/2019 – 04/01/2020 .stock chart above). The price of a futures contract on the expiration day fell below zero. These sections (highlighted with a red arrow) on the weekly chart of Crude Oil built at closing prices: At the right moments, you can artificially increase stocks and inflate the “supply / demand law” in the media. In our age of speed, literally in everything, such fluctuations in stocks were hardly caused by objective reasons. There is more information in the cart: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa We are discussing in the chat: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa_Chat

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