The Central Bank of Russia in June may reduce the key rate to 12% per annum, an indicator of this is a slowdown in inflation and a decrease in the yield on federal loan bonds, Alexander Losev, CEO of Sputnik Management Company – Capital Management, member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, told RIA Novosti. “Since the risks of destabilization of the global monetary system are increasing, we have very little time. Therefore, I think that it is not worth delaying in reducing the rate. One can argue about the pace. But since there is a leading indicator – the yield of federal loan bonds, the largest debt market, market participants are already there I expect the Central Bank to take such a strong step again and cut the rate to 12% on June 10, and then, most likely, the rate will be 10%. how the components of inflation related to food (new crop) will affect the overall inflation,” Losev said. The expert believes that the Central Bank, seeing that inflation is slowing down and that the economy needs money, will pursue an adaptive policy. The expert believes that if, as a result of the ongoing economic policy, it is possible to sharply reduce inflation, then a further reduction in the key rate by the Central Bank is not ruled out. “The sharp rise in the key rate on February 28 (up to 20%) was an emergency measure designed to protect the banking sector from a total outflow of depositors’ funds. Now there is no such problem, now the issue is economic recovery and growth. It is necessary that rates return to an acceptable level for the economy “, — added the source of the agency. At the end of April, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation lowered the key rate by 3 percentage points at once from 17% to 14%. Source: PRIME

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