During today’s trading, the US dollar is strengthening against the euro and the pound sterling, depreciating against the yen. The ICE-calculated index, which shows the dynamics of the dollar against six currencies (the euro, the Swiss franc, the yen, the Canadian dollar, the pound sterling and the Swedish krona), adds 0.18%, the broader WSJ Dollar Index – also 0.17%. As of 9:46 Moscow time, the euro was worth $1.0674 compared to $1.0691 at the close of the previous session. The pound fell at the same time to $1.2575 from $1.2588. The dollar against the yen fell to 9:46 Moscow time to 127.59 yen from 127.90 yen the day before. On the eve of the US currency fell by 1.2% against the euro on the statement of the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde that the rate on deposits in the euro area, currently at minus 0.5%, could be raised to zero level by the end of September. “If we see that inflation in the eurozone stabilizes at 2% in the medium term, then a gradual further normalization of rates towards a neutral level would be appropriate,” Lagarde said. On Monday, the dollar lost 0.8% against the pound and remained almost unchanged against the yen. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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