Changes in the US dollar and euro on the Moscow Exchange at the start of trading on Friday were insignificant, the ruble showed sideways dynamics against the backdrop of conflicting internal and external factors. The first transactions in the US dollar were in the range of 58.12-58.99 rubles, according to the results of the second minute of trading, the rate was 58.985 rubles. (+14.5 kopecks to the level of the previous close). The euro at the same time rose to 57.6925 rubles. (+7.5 kopecks by Thursday’s close). The dual-currency basket grew by 11.35 kopecks. to the closing level on September 22, to 58.4 rubles. The dollar at the same time turned out to be 84.68 kopecks. below the level of the current official exchange rate, the euro – by 1.25 rubles. below the official rate. After an hour of trading, the dollar and the euro increased growth. By 8:05 Moscow time, the weighted average exchange rate of the US dollar against the Russian ruble with a settlement term “tomorrow” amounted to 59.6814 rubles. In relation to the last deal on Thursday, the dollar rose by 84.14 kopecks. The weighted average rate of the euro with a settlement term “tomorrow” jumped by 1.18 rubles compared to the last deal. – up to 58.2797 rubles. Compared to the official rate set by the Bank of Russia for today, the American currency fell by 15.04 kopecks, the euro – by 65.91 kopecks. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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