The US dollar and the euro are rising during daytime trading on the Moscow Exchange. The ruble went down as part of a correction after updating in the morning the maximum values ​​since the beginning of 2020 against the dollar and record levels since the summer of 2017 against the euro. As of 16:10 Moscow time, the US dollar exchange rate was 65.1050 rubles, which is 1.805 rubles. above the closing level of the previous trading (at the beginning of the day the dollar fell to 62.625 rubles). Euro by this moment has grown on 2,2625 rbl. – up to 67.52 rubles. (in the first minutes of trading, the European currency went below 64.95 rubles). According to Interfax-CEA experts, the growth of the ruble against the dollar and the euro at the beginning of trading on May 13 was due to both the continued excess of the supply of foreign currency on the domestic market over demand for it in the context of a strong trade balance and restrictions on capital transactions for non-residents, and and rising world oil and gas prices. In addition, the strengthening of the national currency was also facilitated by the emerging improvement in the situation on world capital markets, including oil fields. At the same time, by the middle of the day, buyers of foreign currency became more active in the domestic foreign exchange market, which has noticeably fallen in price in recent days. The reason for this could be both a calendar factor – the last day of the week, when quite often players prefer partial closing of profitable positions, and fears that as early as the next full week, the Bank of Russia may announce some measures to ease currency control in order to stabilize the situation and stop the sharp strengthening of the national currency, which in the future may lead to a decrease in revenues of both exporting companies and the Russian budget as a whole. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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