A possible decrease in the number of tourists in Crimea against the backdrop of a ban on flights – up to 6 million people, which is about 37% less than last year’s figure (9.5 million guests), will not cause serious harm to the industry, said Chairman of the State Council of the Republic Vladimir Konstantinov. According to Konstantinov, the expected result in the current situation will be quite good. “I am sure that the holiday season in Crimea will take place. Entrepreneurs will receive profits, but perhaps not the same as before,” the speaker added. Against the backdrop of a special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, a high alert regime was introduced in Crimea. In five municipalities in the north of the peninsula, a “yellow” level of terrorist danger has been introduced. The work of the Simferopol airport, which in previous years provided 30% of the tourist flow, was stopped. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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