That will never work. The story of Netflix’s creation as told by its founder. Read and buy a book

The story of one of the most successful startups of the 21st century, told by its inspirer and creator.

  • Authors: Mark Randolph
  • Publisher: BOMBORA
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Age limit: 16+
  • ISBN: 978-5-04-117684-6

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“I had no idea what would work and what would not. All I knew in 1997 was that I wanted to start my own company and sell over the Internet. It seems absurd that one of the largest media companies in the world could start with these two wishes. But it is so”

Mark Randolph, co-founder, first CEO and executive producer of Netflix, tells the insider story of a company that revolutionized the world of entertainment content.

Learn how the idea of ​​mailing out shampoos by mail became the idea of ​​an online subscription, why no one wanted to call the company Netflix, and how the business model has changed over time.

“This is a story about the amazing life of an idea: from dream to concept and reality. I wanted to show what we had to face at Netflix and how it was to succeed despite the circumstances that were against us. “, – says the author.

Netflix is ​​now worth about $ 150 billion. In 1997, Mark estimated it at 3 million. The first investors were parents, the first office was located in a motel, and the company’s server was constantly failing.

The experience that the author shares in the book from generating ideas and developing business intuition to building a team – will be useful to businessmen and everyone who is thinking about starting their own startup in any field.

“That will never work” is not only a book for Netflix fans, but for anyone who loves inspiring and life-changing success stories. Mark Randolph speaks in confidence with the reader: about difficulties and doubts, about relationships in a team, about the support of loved ones. His book also becomes support and motivation. For those who do not dare to take the first step, and for everyone who goes to their dreams even if people around say that it is impracticable.

“This book is about people. A quality guide to startup development and team building. This is not just a text, this is a conversation in the living room with a wise coach, a coach who shares invaluable information and turns your experience into a clear program for achieving success. He easily and with humor, revealing secrets, life hacks, conveys important knowledge through the history of the formation of a world-famous company ”

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