Spike Detector trend trading strategy for MT5

Spike Detector Trend Trading Strategy Is a system for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, which is based on the search for price jumps as a probable sign of the end of a trend and a reversal, in combination with support and resistance levels.

Input parameters

  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: М30 and older
  • Trading time: any
  • Risk management: choose a lot size such that the risk is no more than 2-5% of the deposit per trade

Indicators used

  • Color Trend (26)
  • Spike detector
  • Support and Resistance indicator
  • Spartan spears (10)

Installing indicators and system template

  • Unpack the archive with templates and indicators
  • Copy the indicators to the MQL5 folder -> Indicators
  • Copy templates to MQL5 folder -> Profiles-> Templates
  • Restart the terminal
  • Opening the chart of the required currency pair
  • Install a template named Spike Detector MT5 Trading System

The graph should look like this:

Spike Detector Trading Strategy Template

Signals indicating the opening of a buy position

  • a blue arrow appeared under the candle;
  • bars of the oscillator Spartan spears are green;
  • the price is in the support zone or pushes up from it.
Spike Detector trend trading strategy for MT5

Example of entering a buy trade

Signals indicating the opening of a sell position

  • a red arrow appeared above the candle;
  • the bars of the Spartan spears oscillator are red;
  • the price is in the resistance zone or is pushed down from it.
Spike Detector trend trading strategy for MT5

Example of entering a sell trade

Setting stop loss and take profit

  • stop loss is set above / below the previous local maximum / minimum;
  • take profit is set at a ratio of 1.2: 1 to stop loss. When the opposite arrow appears, it is recommended to close the deal.

Before use trend trading strategy Spike Detector for MT5 on a real deposit, we recommend testing it on a demo account.

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