In Egypt, the popular hotel chains Rixos and Albatros have reduced accommodation prices for Russian tourists by 15-35% in the summer season compared to January-May this year. However, the cost of package tours remains higher than at the beginning of the year due to high demand and a shortage of transportation. According to Erkan Yildirim, director of the Rixos hotel chain in Egypt, traditionally the share of Russians in hotels was about 35%, but in the last month or two it has fallen to 20%. “Of course, we have a lot of tourists from other countries, traditionally a lot of tourists from Western Europe come to us, in particular, the UK, Italy, Romania. But, knowing the love of Russians for Egypt, as well as the fact that travel time and the cost of air travel for tourists from Russia have now grown significantly, we have decided to reduce prices for accommodation in hotels of the Rixos network by 15-20%,” Yildirim told Russian journalists during a press tour organized by the tour operator TEZ TOUR. In turn, the management of the Albatros hotel chain decided to reduce prices by 25-35% at the beginning of the summer season, Saher Raafat, general representative of the Albatros hotel chain, told reporters. “In some cases, the discount reaches 50%,” – said Raafat. He added that until February 2022, the share of Russians vacationing in Albatros hotels exceeded 50%. “Today we see from 15% to 30% of guests from Russia. And, despite the fact that we have no shortage of vacationers, we strive to return to the original figures, because for many years we have studied the preferences of Russians well and know what to offer them ” Raafat said. Why prices for tour packages are rising According to tour operators, the average check for a tour to Egypt at the beginning of summer not only did not decrease, but even increased compared to the beginning of 2022. As the TEZ TOUR press service explained to Interfax, the cost of package tours in June increased by 20-50% compared to similar offers in February against the background of sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate. In addition, prices continue to rise due to the limited number of vacation options available to Russians abroad. “Despite the fact that traditionally the cost of holidays in Egypt in the summer was lower than in the spring and autumn months, this season, in the face of a shortage of transportation, the price dynamics are diametrically opposite. Since demand exceeds supply, prices are rising in all directions” – explained the source of the agency. However, according to Egyptian hoteliers, the now stronger ruble makes it attractive for Russian tourists to book foreign holidays early in the autumn and winter months. “Now there are traditional discounts for early bookings in the amount of 20-25%. Given that today the dollar against the ruble is cheaper than usual, you can save on holidays in the “high” season, even despite the increased cost of the flight,” considers Yildirim. Now the flow of Russian tourists to the resorts of Egypt is gradually growing as tour operators organize new flights to the country. On May 28, TEZ TOUR launched a charter program from Moscow to Egypt. Flights are operated from the capital’s Vnukovo airport on I Fly Airbuses A330 on Thursdays and Sundays to Hurghada and on Wednesdays and Saturdays to Sharm el-Sheikh. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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