Second peak. The Greatest Book of Reflections on Wisdom and Purpose in Life. Read and buy

In search of a deeper and more joyful life: a book for those who have reached the top and do not know where to go next. Bestselling author David Brooks shares how to cope with post-success crises, overcome selfishness, and learn to live for more without giving up on past victories.

  • By David Brooks
  • Publisher: BOMBORA
  • Number of pages: 448
  • Age limit: 16+
  • ISBN: 978-5-04-119518-2
  • Year of publication: 2021

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A high position, a good salary, a big house, a strong marriage … We devote a significant part of our life to achieving all goals and climbing to the top. But we do not suspect that a gloomy valley spreads behind it – a crisis in which those who understand that they have conquered the wrong mountain find themselves. What to do next?

David Brooks’ book The Second Summit helps you overcome the crisis after your first success, redefine your priorities and climb the second mountain. David is a renowned American writer and author of several bestsellers. He has collaborated with the New York Times, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal and is a TED lecturer. In the United States, The Second Summit quickly became a bestseller. Now it has been translated into Russian as well.

“The second peak is not conquered in the same way as the first. The first has to be conquered. […] The second peak will conquer you on its own. You will hear the call and do whatever is necessary to follow it: solve a problem or correct an injustice that suddenly appears in your field of vision. At the first peak, you are usually ambitious and independent, you build strategies. At the second peak, you build relationships more and more, strive for closeness and do not deviate from your principles. “

Conquering the second peak, a person renounces selfishness and pride, and voluntarily assumes obligations. They are associated with one of four areas: vocation, family, philosophy, or society. Some leave their law firm and leave for Tibet. Others leave consulting and go to school as teachers. Still others remain in the profession, but they highlight the accents in a new way.

From the book you will learn:

  • why it is so difficult to define your vocation and in which direction to move in order to find it;
  • why are mentors needed and why some knowledge cannot be gleaned from books;
  • what transformational choice is, why is it so important for the future and why it is so difficult to make it;
  • what is fear for and how to learn to use it as a navigator of true desires;
  • why freedom and independence are only good to a certain extent, and what is a “declaration of interdependence”.

In search of joy, people are trying to earn even more money, take a new position, once again start a family. David Brooks says that the only way to be happy is through surrender. The Second Peak teaches you to voluntarily make commitments, recognize yourself as dependent on others, feel connected with society – and enjoy the joy that these steps lead to.

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