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Did you know that American tech giants Alphabet, parent company Google, and Oracle have been waging a grueling legal war for over a decade? And the other day the US Supreme Court finally put an end to this trial. What caused the patent dispute and whose side the law was on – we are already telling you now.

Oracle accused Google of copyright infringement

Back in 2010 – realized, sighed, let go – Oracle announced that Google had stolen 11,500 ready-made Java strings when creating the Android operating system. Recall that the Java programming language was invented by Sun Microsystems, which is part of Oracle Corporation.

Over the years, the plaintiff company has increased the desired amount of compensation several times and inflated it to a colossal scale – $ 9 billion. Note that the purchase of Sun Microsystems in 2010 cost the IT conglomerate $ 7.4 billion.

Alphabet was found not guilty by the Supreme Court

On April 5, the US Supreme Court ruled that Google did not violate copyright and, using 11,500 lines of finished code, adhered to the rules of the doctrine of fair use. Say, a necessary step to create a completely new product – Android.

It is worth noting that this decision was not unanimous: six of the eight members of the court attending the meeting supported Alphabet. This verdict overturns the results of the court of appeal, which previously found Google guilty and sided with Oracle.

Statements by the parties after the trial

Kent Walker, Google’s senior vice president of international affairs, tweeted: “Today’s Supreme Court ruling in Google v. Oracle is a big win for innovation, cross-program communication and computing.”

“They stole Java and have been in litigation for ten years – only a monopoly does. That is why regulators around the world and in the United States are studying Google’s business practices,” said Deborah Hellinger, senior vice president of public affairs at Oracle. Deborah Hellinger).

Google and Oracle shares rose in price

On April 5, following the announcement of the Supreme Court’s verdict, the value of Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) securities increased 4.19% to $ 2,218.96 per unit. Since the beginning of 2021, the shares of the technology corporation have risen in price by 26%.

On Monday, at the close of trading, Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) rose 3.27% to $ 74.16 per share. As for the statistics for the current year, it cannot boast of such a scale as that of Alphabet. Since January 1, securities have added 14% in price.

Summing up the result

Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, won a patent dispute with Oracle. The proceedings have been going on since 2010. The Supreme Court ruled that there was no copyright infringement and therefore no compensation of $ 9 billion.

The news of the end of the litigation positively affected the shares of both corporations: Alphabet rose 4.19% and Oracle – 3.27%. Representatives of the latter continue to accuse opponents not only of stealing, but also of creating a monopoly.

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