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Business game Out of service. We have developed a progressive binary matrix affiliate program with 5 short levels. We have found a way to cross the line between the rich and the poor, and we can only do this together. Letting you earn

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  • Non-work

  • Business game

Business game “Non-work” – typical matrix HYIP project… Fraudsters have created the most common financial pyramid and are trying to pass it off as something grandiose. The swindlers assure that they will teach us not to work with you, but to make money. Charlatans assure that it is good to study, and then work in some kind of enterprise – so-so idea. As for their project, this is the best that can be. In reality, the opposite is true, but about everything in order.

E-mail addresses of the project

  • [email protected]

Attention! scammers very often change the addresses of their scams. Therefore, the name, site address or email may be different! If you did not find the address you need in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project

What do scammers write on their website?

Scam legend

If in your area of ​​interest:

  • Constant income from anywhere in the world from a PC or smartphone
  • Promotion and doing business in VK, Youtube, Telegram, Instagram, Tik Tok
  • Business process automation
  • Teamwork of like-minded people
  • Receiving income on Payeer / Visa Mc / Qiwi / Yandex money
  • Actual business professions of the future (marketer, traffic specialist, SMM specialist)

A marketer, a traffic specialist, an SMM specialist does work. It is a pity that charlatans use specialists in this field for fraud.

Crooks manipulate a lot, appealing not to reason, but to human emotions. They promise a lot, but they don’t guarantee anything. Their words are as vague and streamlined as possible. For example:

Fairy tales

The main goal of our platform

We have found a way to cross the line between the rich and the poor, and we can only do this together. By letting you earn money, we earn ourselves, so only together we can break all the restrictions. The platform is something that changes the lives of thousands of people for the better once and for all, giving endless opportunities to realize their goals.

But we love specifics? What exactly do scammers offer?

Rogue rates

  • Cost of participation – 500 rubles
  • Affiliate program 25% from each business level passed by the partner

Participants in the affiliate program may not pay for participation, but only attract referrals.

Now about the matrix. You can find out more about her in the video on the crooks YouTube channel.

Matrix conditions

The “Out of Service” project consists of several binary matrices. The entrance to the first one is, you guessed it, 500 rubles. The participant must invite two referrals, under which, in turn, two more referrals should become. The system participant receives nothing from the first line. Only from the second, if he is successful, he will be paid 400 rubles to the conclusion. That is, less than what was invested. And it’s not a fact that you will get something

The entrance to the second level is 1000 rubles… Hypothetically, the participant enters it automatically as soon as the first matrix is ​​closed. Its scheme is the same as the first one. They promise to withdraw 500 rubles

The entrance to the third matrix costs 2000 rubles… They promise to withdraw 1000 rubles… Entering the fourth – 4000 rubles. They do not promise to pay anything, but when the matrix is ​​closed, the participant gets to the fifth level. Entrance – 12,000 rubles, conclusion – 18,000 rubles.

Total amount hypothetical earnings will be 19 900 rubles.

A system of overflows and clones works in the matrix, which makes it possible to simulate the speed of closing the levels.

The swindlers claim that they work legally. Their company is allegedly called NOTJOB BUSINESS GAME LTD. I checked. Such a company really exists. She is registered with UK Companies House under the number 12887576. But the register of legal entities of Foggy Albion is open. Any fraudster can copy data from there. However, it is possible that charlatans actually bought a one-day company in England for their murky business. The police have to figure it out.

Cloudy registration

Project contacts



Site data:

  • Domain was registered on June 26, 2020
  • Owner’s name is hidden

Exposing the project

Let’s read the user agreement first.

I will quote you the most interesting excerpts:

Filkin's certificate

3. After registering in the community, the participant is invited to provide financial assistance free of charge in size and on terms, according to the marketing plan. After providing primary financial assistance, the participant’s platform is activated. Only members with activated platforms can receive financial assistance from other members of the Community …

3.2. Financial aid refund

The amounts transferred by the participant on account of the gratuitous provision of financial assistance, are non-refundable.

That is, a contribution of 500 rubles is free of charge. We can only hope for reciprocal generosity.

Or here’s a quote:

9. Force majeure

The Contractor is released from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement if it was the result of force majeure circumstances, namely: fire, earthquake, flood, export or import embargo, sanctions by authorities and (or) administrative bodies various instances …

That is, the authorities, which are obliged to close outright scams, are called force majeure in the text of the agreement, as if it were some kind of fire. Very funny.

Now for some math. Charlatans promise to pay generously, but their business game is not viable, like any other pyramid scheme. In the conditions of the matrix, it was agreed that part of the invested money will go to the development of the project. Debt is hidden in the marketing plan. Due to the fact that payments in the system are delayed in time, the illusion is created that this debt is not scary. But the more people join the project, the greater the debt. For there is nothing to cover him with.

Where does the money for the project come from? From the contributions of the participants, from nowhere else. The crooks immediately seize part of this common fund, and cover the cash gap from the deposits of newcomers. At the same time, the debt does not decrease, but on the contrary increases with each deposit. Just because of the delay, it seems that he is not.

There will come a time when this debt hole will be so huge that the administration will not be able to pay the bills. At this point, the pyramid scheme will burst.

Swindlers rarely expect a natural system collapse. They know that bankruptcy is inevitable, so their goal is different. Often the administration steals the common fund when there is still a lot of money in the accounts. The accounts of ordinary participants are reset, and the project itself is closed, or restarted with the reset of the accounts of previous contributors. This creates the illusion of longevity of the work.

Is it possible to make money on HYIPs by type “Non-work”? Yes, if you actively invite referrals, thereby making money on the affiliate program. But remember that this is how you lure people into a pyramid scheme. Some of the depositors will receive payments, but most will suffer losses.

Potential losses on the project

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project – from 500 rubles

Conclusion about the project

“Out of service” is a usual matrix HYIP. That is, a banal scam. This project will face the same as any financial pyramid – collapse. Financial pyramids are illegal in most countries because their system is not viable. Such HYIPs cannot exist for a long time and always go bankrupt. Only the top and numerous shameless bloggers who promote the site for a rollback make money on the pyramids. The rest are suffering losses.

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