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No deposit binary options – this is an opportunity to trade binary options without investing your own funds, sometimes they are also called free. A trader who is looking for such offers most often means bonuses from companies that are issued upon registration of the first trading account and allow you to try the service without your own investment.

There are such offers from binary options brokers, but they are rare, much more often you will find yourself on a link about the possibility of opening a demo account or a bonus for the first deposit. We have already written about them before, so let’s discuss the possibilities of no deposit binary options trading, its pros and cons.

3 options for no deposit binary options

So what options are there for no deposit binary options? In our opinion, there are only three of them: welcome bonus, coupons and trading contests. There are probably other ways, though. We will be glad if you tell us about them in the comments to the article.

Option 1. Welcome bonus for binary options

Welcome bonus for binary options

Welcome bonus usually received by traders who first opened an account with a broker.

Such a no deposit bonus for binary options is very convenient, because allows you to assess the benefits of the company and its trading opportunities. To receive such a deposit to your trading account, you just need to open it and submit an application to your manager or in a special form on the promotion page. Usually the process takes little time and after a couple of hours, or even instantly, you have money in your account.

When receiving your no deposit welcome bonus for binary options, you need to pay attention to two important points:

  1. The bonus always has rules for its use. Very often they are quite simple – you can profit from the trading process without withdrawing the bonus itself. More often, the profit can be taken only if you have made a certain number of transactions on your account. Sometimes you have to make your deposit to take profit. And almost always, such a replenishment without a deposit from a broker has a time limit of use. Remember, no one just donates money, and if it does, it ends very badly, so such promotions always have limitations.
    Traders, delighted with free money, rarely read the rules, and then they get upset by specifying the conditions, but it’s too late. Therefore, carefully read everything that is written on the site about receiving a no deposit bonus for binary options, so as not to call the company bad words afterwards.
  2. The amount of the welcome bonus shouldn’t be too big. $ 100 is already a lot! Imagine how many traders would like to receive this money. 10 people is already 1000 $, but if there are 500 or more such traders? Big bonuses will have strong limitations, here you need to go back and read the paragraph above. If there are no serious conditions for bargaining of this money, then we recommend reading the article on why the broker becomes bankrupt – it will be just right in this situation.

In any case, do not be afraid especially of these no deposit bonuses for binary options, especially if you really do not need investments. If there is such a promotion, use it as much as possible. We know brokers who have been providing such deposits for 5 or more years and have been successfully working to this day. But be sure to read the rules!

Option 2. Coupons that are handed out on the forums

Binary options coupon

Coupons for free binary options trading – this is what companies distribute under different nicknames on forums and websites. Usually these are company representatives or partners who are involved in the process of attracting customers for a commission.

In this case, such coupons are not much different from the welcome bonus, with the exception of the application form for such a bonus and the possibility (not always) to receive it not only for new customers. And sometimes it is the same bonus, it is simply called differently. Therefore, all the important points described above are characteristic of him.

Option 3. Contests on binary options with prizes

Binary Options Contests

The last way to trade binary options no deposit is through contests. They also do not happen so often due to the rather modest capabilities of standard platforms for binary options and difficulties with monitoring, but even here they happened when a broker makes it possible to trade binars through MT4.

The competition is simple – you register for free and trade. At the end of the event, the most successful traders receive their prizes – bonuses with the ability to withdraw them or trade in the company. Both options give you the opportunity to trade binary options for free, no deposit required.

A serious disadvantage of this method of no deposit trading is the time spent and the low probability of getting a prize. Of course, if you are a guru of contests or have serious trading results, then you can be confident in yourself, if not, then you need to rely on luck and your strength.

One way or another, contests help not only to get your bonus, but also to try yourself in trading. Therefore, even if you do not receive a prize, you will gain experience for sure. experts recommend using this feature more often.

Will there be any consequences from using no deposit binary options in the future?

This question is often asked by newcomers, fearing that the company will want to return its “investment” in a future client. We are almost 99% sure that such situations do not happen. We leave 1% for dishonest brokers and super-profitable clients with unscrupulous strategies such as arbitrage. In other cases, you need to understand that the company gives you a bonus precisely so that you try yourself in trading conditions close to real ones, so it is not profitable for them to change something. They are interested in you as a customer.

Pros and cons of no deposit binary options

Pros and cons of binary options tradingSo, no deposit binary options is a completely traditional phenomenon and quite accessible to traders. Its positive feature is the opportunity to try the broker’s services for free and even make a profit.

Negative – the fact that it will be very difficult to take profit from such a bonus. If everything is clear with the competition, then welcome can be very insidious. For example, now there is a similar promotion at one of the companies, where you get $ 30 to your account instantly, but to withdraw profit you need to earn $ 1200 from these 30 or make 4000%. Fulfillment of these conditions is possible, we had precedents in competitions, but they can take much longer than 3 months, when the promotion takes place. As a result, there is a promotion, there is money, but they are not much different from free binary options on a demo account. Better then contests …

So yes or no?

Drawing conclusions about the receipt and use of no deposit binary options, we can say for sure that no one will give you money for free. For all “free” you will have to pay with time and effort. In order not to waste both that, and another in vain, carefully read the terms of the promotions. Be sure to use them if you are a beginner and you have nothing to lose: a demo or a bonus – it makes no difference. Trading in contests and watching the leaders succeed is a great practice. There are good stocks, but not often, watch the news of companies and success with no deposit binary options!

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