On June 27, the Moscow Exchange will begin trading in the Uzbek sum, Armenian dram and South African rand on the foreign exchange market, the trading platform said. “On June 27, 2022, trading in the Uzbek sum, Armenian dram and South African rand will begin on the currency market of the Moscow Exchange,” the message says. “The new currencies will expand the trading opportunities of professional market participants, their clients – individuals and legal entities, including subjects of foreign economic activity,” it adds in the same place. Trading participants and their clients will have access to spot and swap instruments for the currency pairs South African rand – Russian ruble (ZAR/RUB), US dollar – South African rand (USD/ZAR), Armenian dram – Russian ruble (AMD/RUB), US dollar – Armenian dram (USD/AMD) and Uzbek sum – Russian ruble (UZS/RUB). The exchange will announce the start of trading in the UAE dirham – Russian ruble (AED/RUB) and US dollar – UAE dirham (USD/AED) currency pairs. Earlier in June, Andrey Skabelin, Director of the Foreign Exchange Market Department of the Moscow Exchange, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the Moscow Exchange plans to launch trading in the Armenian dram, Uzbek sum and Emirati dirham in the coming months. According to him, the exchange sees interest in these currencies. Source: PRIME

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