The Russian stock market, which opened with the growth of the RTS and Moscow Exchange indices by 0.3-0.4%, ended Wednesday in a minor. The Moscow Exchange index by 18:50 Moscow time fell by 0.9% and amounted to 2188.56 points. The RTS index by 18:50 Moscow time fell by 0.49% – to 1136.40 points. European stock markets showed slight growth at the very beginning of trading, then began to decline. Asian stock rose on the basis of trading, except for the South Korean. The American stock market shows a minor mood. Oil prices rose in the morning after falling the day before to their lowest levels in more than six months. However, oil failed to develop a corrective rebound and began to fall in price, trading in different directions during the day. After the release of data on oil reserves in the United States, prices were actively rising. Before the closing of the stock market of the Russian Federation, Brent was given $92.5, WTI – $86.9. The Russian stock market in the morning after a positive start to trading slowed down growth due to the weakness of oil, which could not develop a corrective rebound, the Moscow Exchange index returned to the level of the previous day due to the strengthening of the ruble, while Polymetal shares and papers of financial companies looked better than the market. During the day, the stock market hovered around the 2,200 point mark on the Moscow Exchange index with mixed dynamics of blue chips against the backdrop of a changed balance of power on world markets, where stock indices in Europe sank and oil bounced up. By evening, the stock market was correcting down on the ruble prices of blue chips against the backdrop of a deterioration in the external stock market and raw materials; The Moscow Exchange index fell below the 2,200-point mark led by Gazprom amid the ruble strengthening, Polymetal shares (and securities of financial companies) looked better than the market. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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