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About investing and trading in human language: fascinating, understandable and honest. From investment theory to specific practical methods. For those who do not spend their money immediately, but want to save and increase it.
  • Author: Alexander Silaev
  • Publisher: Alpina Publisher
  • Number of pages: 423
  • Weight: 790 g
  • ISBN: 978-5-9614-2664-9
  • Year of publication: 2021

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Read a book about investing without mistakes

A beginner’s guide to investing, a trader’s guide, an introduction to behavioral finance.

Alexander Silaev, a practitioner of market trading and rational thinking, offers a fresh look at the investor’s activities. Here you will find an unbiased analysis of the market industry and a detailed analysis of the instruments available to individuals: currency, gold, deposits, bonds, loans, value stocks, growth stocks, blue chips, second tier, structured products, mutual funds, asset management, types of trading, etc. etc.

The author shows exactly where and how the investor loses, reveals the tricks and tricks of the financial market participants. According to him, in 2010, when he started, such a book would have saved him hundreds of thousands of rubles and months of life.


It is enough to enter the words “investments”, “shares”, “trading” in any Internet search engine, and you will immediately find yourself in the midst of party life. Hundreds of sites will offer you hundreds of services: the best promotions, managers, trading robots. One gets the impression that earning less than 100% per annum is simply indecent for any person. It remains to choose which way it is more pleasant for you to receive them – to collect a portfolio of selected stocks or send a nimble robot for money to the derivatives market (it is even more fun, of course, to send it to Forex for money). In general, this is a lie. Almost everything that will be offered to you in the office of a Russian broker contradicts the usual ideas about economics of an ordinary economist. For example, there are no “portfolios of stocks with a 40% return”. There are no good trading algorithms that anyone can connect to. There is no structured product that is more profitable than an index fund. To believe in the existence of these phenomena is about the same as to believe that a perpetual motion machine is possible.

You will learn:

  • rules investment… Where is your broker and Karl Marx lying?
  • rules speculation… Why is trading so much harder than it sounds?
  • rules Wednesday… Who, after all, makes money on the stock exchange?
  • rules life… Is easy and large passive income possible?

It will be useful to everyone who intends to understand the world of investments or wants to improve their efficiency.

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