Mobile scalping strategy 1 minute Scalping

1 minute Scalping strategy for scalping designed for trading through mobile trading applications.

The strategy is based on the use of indicators RSI, Stochastic and moving averages. The idea of ​​the strategy is to find a correspondence between the overbought and oversold areas of the oscillators and the crossing of moving averages in opposite directions. The author of the strategy recommends paying attention to divergences on the MACD indicator, which will significantly increase the efficiency of market entries.

The 1 minute Scalping strategy is optimized for trading on the M1 timeframe, but is suitable for all time intervals.

Input parameters

  • Currency pairs: any with a low spread
  • Timeframe: М1 (recommended) and higher
  • Trading Hours: London, New York
  • Risk management: choose such a lot size that the risk is no more than 2-5% of the deposit per trade

Indicators used

  • SMA (11, close)
  • SMA (21, close)
  • SMA (34, close)
  • RSI (1000, close)
  • Stochastic (12, 3, 20, close, levels 20,30, 70 and 80)
  • MACD (12,26,9, close) – optional

Signals indicating the opening of a buy position

  • MA (11) crossed MA (21) and MA (34) from the bottom up;
  • the price is above the moving averages;
  • in the window with RSI and Stochastic, the line touched or broke through the oversold level (20) and started moving up;
  • optional condition: the MACD histogram is above the zero level.
Example of entering a buy trade

Signals indicating the opening of a sell position

  • MA (11) crossed MA (21) and MA (34) from top to bottom;
  • the price is below the moving averages;
  • in the window with RSI and Stochastic, the line touched or broke through the overbought level (80) and started moving down;
  • optional condition: MACD histogram is below zero level.
Scalping strategy 1 minute Scalping for mobile trading
Example of entering a sell trade

Setting stop loss and take profit

  • stop loss is set above / below the previous local maximum / minimum;
  • take profit is set at a ratio of 1.3: 1. When the RSI line reaches level 70 for buying and 30 for selling, it is recommended to close the deal.

Before use mobile trading strategy 1 minute Scalping for scalping on a real deposit, we recommend testing it on a demo account.

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