Russia, despite the complication of the foreign political and economic situation, is increasing milk production and maintaining the investment potential of the dairy industry, according to the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) in a press release timed to coincide with World Milk Day, which is celebrated on Wednesday. According to the Union, in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year, milk production increased by 3.1%, to 5.58 million tons, including in agricultural organizations – by 4.1%, to 4.49 million tons. . The processing sector also maintained a positive trend, increasing the production of exchange goods with high export potential – dry dairy products and butter. In particular, the production of whole milk powder in the first quarter increased by 34% (up to 15.8 thousand tons), skimmed milk powder – by 18% (up to 23 thousand tons), butter – by 11% (up to 70.3 thousand tons). The production of ice cream also continued to grow – by 9% (up to 105.2 thousand tons), cream – by 9% (up to 63.8 thousand tons), cheese – by 6% (up to 149.7 thousand tons), dry whey – by 2% (45 thousand tons). Consumption of dairy products in 2021 increased by 0.7%, to 242 kg per person per year. The reason for the increase analysts call the low growth rates of consumer prices compared to other food products. Soyuzmoloko also recalls that in 2021, imports of dairy products decreased by 2% compared to 2020, to 6.9 million tons (in milk equivalent) for $2.832 billion (an increase of 1.7%). Exports amounted to more than 1 million tons (in milk equivalent), which is 15% higher than in 2020. The value of exports increased by 29%, to $470 million. The increase in exports was ensured by shipments to Kazakhstan, the USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries. At the same time, the share of shipments to non-CIS countries increased from 9% in 2020 to 14% in 2021. In particular, the export of dairy products to China in 2021 increased by 79%, to 4.4 thousand tons. The value increased by 34% to $9.7 million. “Despite the fact that in recent years the industry has faced unprecedented challenges, primarily with a serious increase in all cost components, we note the restoration of profitability in the sector and the preservation of its investment potential,” – said the general director of Soyuzmolok Artem Belov, quoted in the message. According to him, this was achieved thanks to the improvement and development of state support tools, the level of which has been growing since 2014. At present, he believes, the sector has every chance to successfully develop both its export potential and continue effective import substitution. In this regard, entrepreneurs are waiting for a reduction in the regulatory burden for business and further prompt response to industry problems. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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