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What is “Manifesto”? The Manifesto is a unique online and offline project that allows people with an active lifestyle and open to everything new, to learn how to make money on the Internet! It’s no secret that info-business is one of the most

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  • Manifesto club of internet entrepreneurs

What online club of entrepreneurs “Manifest”? This is an online school, the speakers of which assure that they will teach you and me how to make money remotely. At the moment, two directions are proposed – crypto trading and making money by writing articles and posts on social networks. Let’s evaluate the proposal impartially and decide if we need it.


Phone: +7 996 239 69 39

E-mail: [email protected]


  • Vologda, st. Chekhov, 27, Business Center “Panorama”, office 3-6
  • St. Petersburg, st. Mikhail Dudin, 6 bldg. one
  • Yaroslavl, st. Victory, 37, shopping center “Rozhdestvensky”

Legal address:

  • 163015, Arkhangelsk, Leningradsky Prospect, 159, office 4 – according to the Federal Tax Service, the address was invalidated

Social network:

  • – admin

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The site consists of one page.

The proposal is:

FROM “Manifesto” You will learn how to make money in the digital environment. The digital environment is the Internet and everything connected with it. The programs of our educational courses are designed in such a way that everyone can find for themselves the direction in which they would like to succeed. We will teach you how to make money in the world of cryptocurrencies, teach you how to monetize traffic on Youtube, tell you how to promote an Instagram account, share our experience, how to become popular with Yandex.Zen, and much more. Just leave a request for a call from a specialist and we will open the possibilities of the digital environment for you!

At the very bottom of the site, you can read the same sentence, but in different words. Coaches repeat themselves.

What do they do

I will quote:

What is “Manifesto”? The Manifesto is a unique online and offline project that allows people with an active lifestyle and open to everything new, to learn how to make money on the Internet! It’s no secret that info-business is one of the most profitable ways to generate additional income. Some vloggers (owners of video channels on popular platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo) earn millions of rubles a month …

Well, and then in the same spirit.

Platform terms

Speakers “Manifesta” assure that lessons are free… In order to access them, you need to enroll in a course. To do this, you need to leave your contact information in a special form.

Conditions of education

Lectures are held both online and offline. The approximate content of the lessons can be found in the social networks of the project. Lectures are conducted by Anatoly Degil, Mikhail Irving and others.


Additionally, “Manifest” advertises various projects. For example, BIZONLINE-School of Internet Business or Tradeexpert24 – a service that trades signals for currency and cryptocurrency pairs, as well as securities.

The trust

Company LLC “Manifest” actually exists:

  • OGRN: 1192901003459

The organization was registered in 2019 in Arkhangelsk. That is, the project is legal.

The good news is that the speakers do not require money for introductory lessons. But be prepared for the moment when they asked to pay for something – for books, signals, advanced lessons. This will not happen immediately. First, they will share with you general information about how trading works or how traffic in social networks is monetized. You can find out such information for free on the Internet.


“Manifesto” – another business school. The line between info-gypsy and useful content is so thin in this area that it’s sometimes hard to see it. On which side of the border this school is located, we will see in the future. At the moment, my opinion about this organization is neutral. It is just beginning to develop.

Although, as statistics show, the overwhelming majority of similar schools do not teach anything useful. They give only crumbs of the necessary information, and then they are banal to buy paid content, the value of which is greatly overestimated.

Should I sign up for the course? If you don’t understand anything about the topic, then why not? Free of charge. If you have already taken the first steps in learning trading and promoting social networks, they will not tell you anything new.

In addition, they do not give you guarantees that you will earn something.

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Hello everyone, my name is Irina, I am part of a small team of the Baxov.Net project. I have been in the project since the end of 2018 and during this time I have met and analyzed a huge number of not honest projects. I am happy to help and protect people from scammers on the Internet.

12/17/2020 – 17:33

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