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Since the beginning of the year, GDR has shown negative dynamics, and over the last 11 trading days, their rate has fallen 10 times. Weak fundamentals led to the fact that last week the price of securities fell below the level of 1,500 rubles.
Why shares are falling and is it worth buying them now, counting on a rebound? The Fortrader issue was commented on by Andrey Vernikov, Head of the Investment Analysis and Training Department of UNIVER Capital Investment Group.

– Now in the world there is a cooling of investor interest in companies in the high-tech sector, and against this background, MAIL.RU shares look like a “weak link”. Judging by the reports, the company’s businesses are growing, but there is still no profit. And there is no guarantee that the MAIL.RU ecosystem will win in the competition, for example, with the Yandex ecosystem.

Why, for example, Yandex-GO taxi is worse than Citymobil from MAIL.RU? Or how is the voice assistant Alice worse than the assistant Marusya from MAIL.RU? The answer is not obvious. Most people choose services from Yandex. MAIL.RU shares fell by 40% at the moment from the local maximum, and one of the reasons for this is that a number of telegram channels tried to accelerate the quotes of this share. We didn’t learn how to overclock, but now we have a large overhang of stocks, and the recovery of quotes will be difficult. Newbies tend to buy shares based on the recommendations of telegram channels and do so without setting limits on losses. A lot of newbies have been burned by investing in this paper.

Why shares are falling

Judging by the weekly chart, the quotes have reached the oversold zone, and their correctional growth is likely in the next two weeks. The likely target of growth is 1720 or 1800. You can buy on pullbacks, but there are no special ideas other than removing the oversold area. And you should buy a small amount, because if the correction of high-tech stocks in the United States continues, this stock will be one of the first to be hit.

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