LUKOIL will develop a network of Shell filling stations in Russia under the Finnish brand Teboil, the oil company said in a statement. “According to the results of a discussion with the management and labor collectives of the Shell filling station network in Russia acquired by LUKOIL in May 2022, it was decided to keep the enterprise as a separate subsidiary of the company. It will be developed under a new fuel brand for Russia – Teboil, which LUKOIL owns with 2005,” according to a press release. The company has already started a phased rebranding of filling stations. New branded types of innovative fuel will be developed for filling stations, as well as their own loyalty program, integrated with the current program of LUKOIL. Vitaly Maslov, the former head of the Shell filling station network, will continue to lead the Teboil team in Russia. The lubricants plant in the Tver region, which was taken over by LUKOIL as part of a deal with Shell, will also produce products under the Teboil brand. Teboil was founded in Finland in 1934. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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