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American tech giants Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft reported their quarterly success this week. Let’s find out what financial indicators the guys from GAFAM boasted.

Microsoft report: there was no such revenue growth in three years

On April 27, the IT giant, created by Bill Gates, released its financial statements for the third quarter of its 2021 fiscal year. The company said revenue for its cloud service Azure grew 50%, its cloud version of Office software grew 33%, and revenue from PC sales grew 19%.

Important data from the Microsoft report:

  • Revenue – $ 41.7 billion, + 19% (forecast – $ 40.96 billion).
  • Earnings per share – $ 2.03, + 45% (forecast – $ 1.78).
  • Net income – $ 15.5 billion, + 44%.

Forecast for the current quarter

Amy Hood, chief financial officer of Microsoft, announced that this quarter it is planned to increase revenue by 16%, to $ 43.6-44.5 billion, while the consensus forecast of Refinitiv does not exceed $ 42.98 billion.

Market reaction and technical analysis

On April 28, the day after the publication of financial data for January-March, shares of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), despite good quarterly results, fell 2.83% to $ 254.56 per share. Yesterday, the decline in quotations continued – by 0.81%, to $ 252.51.

At the same time, the share price is still above the 200-day moving average and continues to show a general upward trend. The target reference for the correction is the $ 244.50 mark. Having tested the support level, Microsoft shares have all the prerequisites for continued growth. The benchmark in this case is the nearest maximum – $ 263.00.

Alphabet report: record profit for the second quarter in a row

On April 27, the corporation provided financial information for January-March. According to published data, 81% of Alphabet’s quarterly revenue comes from Google’s advertising business. Sales of advertising increased by 32% in comparison with statistics for the same months of last year, and sales of cloud services – by 45.7%.

Important data from the Alphabet report:

  • Revenue – $ 55.3 billion, + 34% (forecast – $ 51.18 billion).
  • Earnings per share – $ 26.29, + 166% (forecast – $ 15.6).
  • Net income – $ 17.9 billion, + 162%.

Forecast for the current quarter

The IT giant has warned investors that Google’s ad business will slow down due to the completion of self-isolation. At the same time, the company announced its intention to buy back its shares for $ 50 billion.

Market reaction and technical analysis

Strong quarterly earnings prompted a 2.97% rise in Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) shares on Wednesday to $ 2,359.04. On Thursday, the growth in the value of securities continued – by 1.43%, to $ 2,392.76.

At the current moment, the price has broken through the upper border of the ascending channel, which indicates the continuation of the upward trend. Comparing the current growth with the previous ones, one can make an assumption that the quotes will correct to the area of ​​the upper border of the channel. Having tested the support line and completing the correction, the price has every chance of continuing to grow. The target reference in this case will be the level of $ 2,500.00.

Alphabet Inc. Stock Technical Analysis  on 04/30/2021.

Apple report: strong sales growth in each product category

On April 28, the Cupertino-based company, having presented the results for January-March, impressed analysts and investors with a serious increase in sales volumes: smartphones – by 65.5%, to $ 47.94 billion; tablets – by 78.9%, to $ 7.8 billion; laptops and computers – by 70.1%, to $ 9.1 billion; other products – by 24%, to $ 7.83 billion.

Special attention should be paid to the sales jump in the Chinese market – 87.5% in comparison with the indicators for the same period last year.

Important data from the Apple report:

  • Revenue – $ 89.6 billion, + 53.7% (forecast – $ 76.75 billion).
  • Earnings per share – $ 1.4, + 119% (forecast – $ 0.98).
  • Net profit – $ 23.63 billion, + 110%.

Forecast for the current quarter

Representatives of the corporation said that due to the global shortage of chips, the supply of tablets and laptops will be limited. This, of course, will be reflected in the level of sales of these products and total revenue. However, dividends will be increased by 7% and a $ 90 billion securities buyback program.

Market reaction and technical analysis

The forecast for the next three months alarmed investors and slightly shook the position of the “apple” corporation. The value of Apple shares (NASDAQ: AAPL) on the reporting day decreased by 0.6%, to $ 133.58, and the next day – by 0.07%, to $ 133.48.

On the daily chart, quotes are showing a general upward trend with periodic corrections and continue to trade above the 200-day moving average. At this stage, after a small sideways movement, a price decline is observed. In the current situation, we can assume that this is the beginning of another correction.

The target for the decline may be the support level and the lower border of the ascending channel around $ 128.00. After the rollback is complete, Apple has every chance of continuing the upward trend. The first target for growth is the $ 145.00 mark, further it is possible that the maximums will be renewed and the upward dynamics will continue.

Technical analysis of Apple shares as of 04/30/2021.

Facebook report: Advertising business generated excellent revenue

On April 28, the quarterly report of Mark Zuckerberg’s company was published. It became known that Facebook’s revenue in January-March almost entirely consists of income from the advertising business, which is experiencing an unprecedented heyday in the context of a pandemic and global self-isolation.

Important data from the Facebook report:

  • Revenue – $ 26.2 billion, + 48% (forecast – $ 23.7 billion).
  • Earnings per share – $ 3.3, + 93% (forecast – $ 2.37).
  • Net profit – $ 9.5 billion, + 93.9%.

Forecast for the current quarter

Facebook has warned investors that revenue growth will slow in the next three quarters. The main reasons are the gradual exit from self-isolation and the change in the iPhone privacy policy.

Market reaction and technical analysis

On April 28, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) shares rose just 1.16% to $ 307.1. However, the very next day, the value of the securities jumped 7.3% to $ 329.51.

The price is still above the 200-day MA and within the ascending channel. Having studied the previous price spikes, it can be assumed that at this stage the quotes will make a correction.

The target target for the rollback is the broken maximum, which is also the support level. After the completion of the correction, Facebook shares may continue their upward trend. The target for growth will be the $ 340.00 mark, and then the upper border of the ascending channel.

Technical analysis of Facebook shares as of 04/30/2021

Amazon report: thank you COVID-19

On April 29, Jeff Bezos Corporation released financial data for the first quarter of 2021. It became known that Amazon earned more in the pandemic year than in the period from 2017 to 2019: $ 26.9 billion in net profit versus $ 24.7 billion.

Important data from Amazon report:

  • Revenue – $ 108.5 billion, + 44% (forecast – $ 104.5 billion).
  • Earnings per share – $ 15.79, + 215% (forecast – $ 9.49).
  • Net profit – $ 8.1 billion, + 224%.

Forecast for the current quarter

In the next three months, Amazon plans to increase revenue by 24-30%, to $ 110-116 billion, and operating income – by 30-38%, to 8 billion. Wall Street analysts expect that revenue will not exceed $ 108.5 billion …

Market reaction and technical analysis

The tech giant’s market value has increased by 47% over the past year to $ 1.74 trillion. Shares of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) hit $ 3,471.31 at the close of the trading session on Thursday, up 0.37%.

At the moment, quotes continue to trade above the 200-day moving average. Drawing an analogy with the previous movements, we can assume that the correction will bring the price back to the broken level at $ 3,434.00.

Further, after the test of support, Amazon shares may continue their upward trend. The target benchmark in this case is difficult to predict due to the renewed maximums and the high value of the stock.

Technical analysis of Amazon stocks as of 04/30/2021.

Summing up the result

This week Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft reported on the results of January-March. All five corporations provided impressive quarterly reports, which boosted the S&P 500 and NASDAQ. The first added 0.8% over the week and reached 4,211.47 points, the second – 0.5%, reaching the level of 14,082.55 points.

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