Hello colleagues! Do you know what type of weapon is used for the most murders in the US? Pistols (handguns) and other firearms (firearms) are in 70% of cases the murder weapon: The number of murders in the USA has been declining since 1979 and then starting from the 3rd goal of the expansion model has increased sharply from 2014 to 2020 + 52% (here infographic from statista.com, full data can be downloaded from the Federal Bureau of Investigation): From 09/01/2019 to high, shares of Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (ticker: SWBI, a manufacturer of revolvers and other firearms) grew by +660.6% (on the MM-line chart, monthly plan): I recall the catchphrase: “The Lord God created people, President Lincoln gave them freedom, and Colonel Colt did their equals ”I have always been against the free sale of weapons, alas, for the arms lobby in the USA, money is more valuable than the lives of its citizens … There are more charts in the cart: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa We are discussing in the chat: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa_Chat

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