Investment company “Alfatrust” (Alfatrust): detailed review and customer reviews

Financial services for making money on investments and trading are in great demand these days. Therefore, every year new companies appear, offering help and support for a profitable investment of funds. Choosing a reliable and effective guide in a rapidly changing financial world is an urgent task not only for beginners, traders and investors, but also for those who already have some experience of earning money in this area. We decided to analyze in more detail the work of one of such young companies, Alfatrust, in order to understand how effective interaction with it can be for making money in the investment markets.

What do we know about “Alfatrast”

Alfatrust appeared on the financial market of the CIS countries quite recently, in 2019. It is registered in one of the Caribbean states, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is an offshore zone. Here, not only the income of the company itself is subject to preferential taxation, but also the profit of customers.

Alfatrast is an open joint stock company created to provide financial services. The company’s head office is located in London, where the activities of such firms are controlled by the UK financial regulator FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). This choice of jurisdiction for the placement of management speaks of the seriousness of intentions and openness of this company. And the opening of representative offices in the CIS countries, which she is engaged in today, will strengthen the trust of the target audience.

Alfatrust specializes in providing financial services to Russian-speaking traders and investors, and declares its commitment to the principles:

  • honesty – after all, the creation of trusting relationships with clients is the basis for the work of the company, without which its activities will be simply impossible;
  • transparency of trading and investment transactions. Each trader or investor can count on providing him with analytical calculations and expert opinions on the solutions that the company recommends to him, and has the ability to control the course of his transaction;
  • security of keeping deposits and making payments on transactions, confidentiality of personal data, which is ensured by the use of the most modern digital technologies and the latest encryption systems;
  • the predominance of the interests of each client over the benefits of the company itself – in its work, Alfatrast is guided by the requirements set forth in the MiFID directive on providing clients with financial services of the highest quality.

Alfatrust builds its work with traders and investors on the basis of a client agreement posted on the company’s official website. Other regulatory documents can also be found here, including risk warnings, company policies on order execution, chargebacks, and anti-money laundering practices.

Services provided by Alfatrust

To make money on world markets, the investment company “Alfatrast” offers a wide range of services, including:

  • comprehensive assistance in investing money in shares of new companies at the stage of the initial issue of Pre-IPO and IPO, as well as in ICO digital currencies tokens. This is the main activity of the company, where it offers its clients reliable earning schemes, proven in practice and recognized by many key figures in the industry;
  • brokerage services for trading traditional instruments under CFD (for price difference) contracts – you can trade on your own, through the Alfatrust platform, or entrust the management of your account to a professional trader offered by the company;
  • trust management – the company specializes in managing clients’ funds according to individual investment programs, as well as money invested in RAM portfolios and Alfatrust Investment Portfolios;
  • consulting services for various investment options;
  • preparation of up-to-date analytical information by financial analysts of the company, its daily updating.

Alfatrast provides each trader and investor with the support of professional financial experts, experienced traders and the assistance of a personal manager.

How to make money with Alfatrust by investing in IPO / ICO projects

For investors who want to make money on the purchase of primary shares of new companies or cryptocurrency tokens that play the role of digital shares or coins, Alfatrast offers:

  • a calendar of IPO / ICO emission by companies from all over the world, where each client can choose the most promising, in his opinion, issuer. This calendar is created by carefully analyzing new startups and assessing their potential;
  • reliable analytical information, consulting assistance and legal support for studying the Token Sale Agreement (agreement on the sale of tokens);
  • the ability to enter the market with minimal capital investment;
  • trust management of client funds when buying and selling shares and tokens issued by new companies;
  • the ability to sell shares and tokens without a lock-up period and use ICO digital coins to trade currency pairs or CFD contracts on the company’s platform.

To make money on an IPO, and even more on ICO investments, you need to be well versed in all the intricacies of the work of stock markets and the features of digital currencies. The company has already managed to prove itself as a competent provider in the cryptocurrency market, and its specialists will be able to provide effective assistance to their clients.

Trading with the Alfatrast company

For trading on world markets, the Alfatrust investment company offers a modern multi-market trading platform, high-quality market analytics and consulting assistance for those wishing to trade independently, as well as services of experienced traders in trust management of clients’ funds.

Features and benefits of the Alfatrust platform

Alfatrast’s trading platform is based on a software package developed by UTIP Technologies. It provides access 24 hours a day to all global markets: stock, commodity, index, futures and foreign exchange, including the Forex market, cryptocurrencies and options. The advantages of this trading platform, which are confirmed by the reviews of Alfatrust customers, are:

  • multifunctionality, the ability to work with market and pending orders, trade multiple instruments from a single account or use different accounts, switching between them in one click using the Multi Account Manager option, engage in technical analysis, use trading robots, copy transactions and perform many other operations;
  • high performance and speed of work on any terminal, including mobile, which is in no way inferior in functionality to the terminal for desktop devices;
  • simple interface with intuitive navigation and a convenient personal account;
  • availability of more than 200 trading instruments – currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, stocks of well-known companies, metals, raw materials and other goods, indices and futures;
  • the ability to replenish the account and withdraw funds using bank cards “Mir”, Visa and Mastercard, wallets of the most popular electronic payment systems WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal, Qiwi and others.

The possibility of transferring funds to the trust management of professional traders of the company is ensured by the availability of the Pro Investor service. Well, to get acquainted with all the platform’s capabilities, you can start trading for free using virtual money on a demo account.

Trading conditions from “Alfatrast”

The investment company Alfatrust offers all its clients the opportunity to choose the structure of commission payments for trading on world exchanges. You can trade on the platform at a flat rate, or opt for a tiered pricing plan. The multilevel plan differs from a fixed rate, at which the bulk of the commissions are embedded in spreads, in the presence of trading, exchange, clearing and regulatory fees, as well as their decrease with an increase in the volume of trade. For traders working on the platform, Alfatrast offers:

  • low commissions per transaction, as well as when moving a position to another day, if you trade using leverage;
  • tight spreads – their size is lower than the industry average;
  • no commission for inactivity on the platform, so that inexperienced traders who have just started trading with real money can take a break to think about a trading strategy;
  • free account opening and replenishment.

In addition, for active traders and investors, the company offers exclusive, simplified commissions, which motivates them to cooperate with Alfatrust.

Customer reviews about Alfatrust and working with the company

At the end of the review of the investment company “Alfatrast”, we want to analyze the reviews of traders and investors who cooperate, or managed to work with this firm, and highlight its main pros and cons.

Alfatrust advantages

Among the main advantages of the company and the advantages of working with it, which are found in most of the reviews of its customers, should be called:

  • a convenient productive platform that provides access to any market, at any time of the day, from Monday to Friday, inclusive, when all world exchanges are open;
  • direct access to highly liquid assets from the world’s best suppliers, which guarantees a high speed of all operations and eliminates the risk of losing investments due to delays in closing positions;
  • the ability to trade cryptocurrency, and qualified consulting assistance to the company in this matter;
  • guarantees of safety of deposits and withdrawal of earned funds from the trading account. Many clients note that requests for withdrawal of funds are processed without problems, although not faster than 3-5 days;
  • high mobility of working with the company, the ability to trade from a smartphone and tablet from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the mobile Internet;
  • the opportunity to diversify your income portfolio by choosing different ways of earning money in the world markets from a wide range of services offered by Alfatrast;
  • high quality analytical information and effective support of financial experts and experienced traders;
  • a large number of profitable investment ideas offered by the company in the IPO / ICO projects market.

What shortcomings in the work of the company are noted by clients


Surely, there is not a single investment or brokerage company in the work of which there would be only positive aspects. Alfatrust also has its drawbacks. There are not so many of them as advantages, and often they only express the opinion of individual customers, but the company constantly reacts to them. A dedicated manager monitors feedback on the forums to respond to complaints and help resolve issues that have arisen. Moreover, the company quickly eliminates the shortcomings pointed out to it by traders and investors.

From the negative that we met in reviews about Alfatrust, we can name:

  • the inability to insure investments against bankruptcy due to the registration of a company in an offshore zone;
  • impossibility to withdraw money from the account before the expiration of a month after the first deposit;
  • the emergence of slippage with an increase in the amplitude of the market movement;
  • incorrect display of certain information in the personal account.


Summarizing the above, we can state that Alfatrust is a worthy company. She will certainly be interesting to work with not only for beginners who are taking their first steps in the investment markets, but also for experienced traders and investors who have something to offer her.

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