Invest in yourself, so that later they will invest in you. Story from Pro Trader Academy

On behalf of the Pro Trader Academy, we can firmly state that the best indicator of success is when the achievements of your students speak for you. We will not tell you what we have achieved and how much we have gone to this. We will just share the stories of our students.

Hello everyone, my name is Anton, I was born in Moscow, graduated from the university and after that I worked in my specialty for 5 years. At some point, I realized that at my job I had reached the maximum, and began to professionally burn out. I started looking for additional ways to earn money; tried to invest, but luck didn’t really follow me. Basically, the money either just fought back to zero, or I went into the minus.

I tried many different options – investing in franchises, trying to make money online. One of my constant hobbies was trading, since trading has always attracted me, but my account basically stood in one place – I lost somewhere in a trade, the next day I recaptured losses, and so on in a circle. After six months of such a cycle, I thought about the need to change something.

After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided that I should pay more attention to training, and focus on the analysis of the markets. After all, sometimes randomly guessing the direction of the trend and closing with a plus is certainly nice, but I got tired of playing roulette and wanted some kind of stability. I perfectly understood that this craft can bring reliable profit, it was only necessary to find the right approach. I was not looking for some kind of instant and easy enrichment in trade, I perfectly understood that in order to earn money in the market, I would need to try very hard and work, and work again. As a result, I started looking for training, I was looking for a long time and I will miss my failures until I got to the PTA academy. After completing several courses, I began to realize my mistakes and highlighted the points that should be paid attention to at the beginning. I never thought about the ratio of risks, I just looked at the process in this way: I decided for myself whether the deal would be profitable or not, and compared it all with the balance.

As I studied, I regularly attended webinars, and looked there for the best analysts in the process of their trading. They earned fabulous sums in real time, which were breathtaking, just 2 hours of the webinar, and the trader earns a fortune on it, for which people save 10-20 years of their lives. Of course, I fired up even more, and delved more and more into the methods of analysis and working with indicators. At one of the webinars, the Host said that there is an opportunity to start working on the stock market. I was immediately skeptical about this, but the school did not give any reason not to believe them before, and I began to question the academy team about this. They explained everything to me in detail and connected me with one European fund, after signing the agreement, the fund allocated me an account for $ 35,000, imagine, a real trading account from which I could withdraw my% of the profit.

By this time, I was very successful in analytical knowledge, and also strengthened psychologically, and some cannot imagine how important this is in trading. Using the acquired knowledge, I began to swing my account, and at the same time I took courses in the professional program and studied within the framework of training in individual lessons. Based on training, I tested my personal strategies in practice. As a result, a month later the account reached $ 54,100: in the first weeks of work, the profit was $ 5,700, and by the end of the month it was already $ 13,400.

Story from Pro Trader Academy

I was able to achieve such results largely thanks to the tools and support provided by the academy. In the second month, I already began to withdraw my interest in the form of personal net profit, and realized that I could finally give up my main job. After I had already documented everything that remained and quit, trading became my main job. After a while, I received another letter from the foundation. After seeing how my account was developing, they proposed a new contract and funded my account with $ 210,000.

Story from Pro Trader Academy

At the moment, this is how I work with this account. To some, this may seem an exorbitant amount, right? For me now, trading with such numbers is a daily routine. Now I continue to work in the fund – yes, I had to invest in myself and my future, but now they are investing in me as a true professional in their field. Someone will say that I just pulled out a lucky ticket, but it will be far from the truth. A systematic and competent approach to trading can provide you with financial independence.

I would like to note that trading dramatically changes life and turns it into a real dream. As a full-fledged trader, you begin to understand the benefits that were impossible in a past life:

  • Full control over your own time. The trader himself builds his own schedule and changes it in the way that suits him alone;
  • There is no limit to your capabilities. A trader does not have a career ceiling that most people end up with at work, and can grow and increase net worth literally endlessly.
  • The trader does not depend on the salary, but plans it himself. You no longer need to wait for a predetermined scheduled payment, in return you set your own goals and achieve them;
  • Lack of attachment to the workplace. From my own experience, I can say that making money by trading is equally pleasant both from your own home and while at a seaside resort.

I am immensely grateful to the PTA for giving me a path to a new life and providing me with the knowledge that I now possess. I confidently believe that this is the best investment I have made in my life. If you are interested in communicating with me personally, then write to my mail at [email protected]

You have read the story of our graduate Anton and, perhaps, you might think: I will never repeat his path. We will answer: you do not need to repeat after someone. Why bother when you can write your own personal story? Make your way into the world of trading in the markets and conquer your own peaks.

Any successful trader will confirm that quality education is one of the main success factors for a beginner player in the market. In addition to the analysis and the technical side, training at the academy will give you invaluable experience of communicating with real professionals with many years of experience, teach you how to control emotions, manage money correctly, and give you a confident impetus into the world of serious trading.

We are interested in our students replenishing the stocks of truly successful market players. Come to study at Pro Trader Academy – we know how to make you a real shark of financial markets.

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