Hello, colleagues! On the site for publishing official CPI statistics, you can calculate how much $1,000 of the 1968 “issue” is now worth – $8,521. All attention is now focused on inflation and decisions that will be made by the Fed leadership. The dollar index, as the last hope, is on high highs. On the sidelines, with all this hype, there were drags. metals. since 03/01/1968, gold has been the most “fast” instrument (on the screen, the change in %% spot prices: silver, gold and platinum): MML trend up (silver spot, annual plan): Platinum stuck at 80s level (annual plan): Quarterly plan: The Fed is on the scales: sharply raise the rate and collapse the stock market + increase debt service or slowly burn the dollar in inflation. The first impulse on platinum gives good targets in this variant. (The Jamaican system was formed in 1976-1978 as a result of the reorganization of the Bretton Woods monetary system. Main features and principles: – the gold standard and gold parities were officially abolished (the pegging of currencies to gold was canceled for both domestic and international transactions); – . …) Cart: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa

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