Motya, how many classes do you have? Five, … that is, three. Three whole, Motya. Must jump! © Hello, colleagues! Whoever masters futures on the MICEX may not read further. So far, the shares have rested in the bose, and the RTS index has been growing due to the strengthening of the ruble (%% change: USDRUB_TOM, the MICEX index and the RTS index since the opening of the exchange on 03/24/22): My eyes fell on the remains of the instruments traded on the mamba: futures on oil, gas, gold and silver. Inflation is breaking records, guns are firing outside the window, apparently there are good prospects for buying futures for drags. metals. I looked at the GO on silver, you can practice and watch. The first thing that caught my eye was the “crazy” contango, on 03/09/22 on the highs on the spot, on the future they also loaded +10.86% (future price SILV-6.22 close of the day 28.58, spot 25.78) for silver trading in a flat and waiting for its target below (and it was successfully worked out with a small time lag) monthly plan: Let’s imagine that on this whole hype, we bought in full. The closer to the expiration, the contango kills the deposit, when approaching the price of the underlying asset (BA), which also falls))). I decided to check the work of the Adverza Tactics analysis method on the contango chart (I have a %% difference between the price of the spot and the futures contract SILV-6.22) 03/09/22 red arrow: Before the fall, a corrective attraction pattern, then a strong expansion pattern with MML, TA in all its glory. If we bought futures on the close of 03/09/22, – 28.58, the fall on the spot on the daily offer was maximum on 05/12/22, – 20.68 (if the expiration caught us here: -27.64%) The complete fiasco does not end there . The point price is in rubles at the USDRUB rate. During this period, the ruble worked out a flight to “infinity” (the name of this symbol has not yet been invented): USDRUB_TOD closing price on 03/09/22, – 120. respectively ~5.68 rubles. GO was lowered, all the same, in order to “catch up” with possible losses, you need to try in all respects. Contango risks, currency risks, market maker risks (“snot” are hung up), risks of crazy volatility on non-trading days of BA. Where is import substitution, I ask you, MICEX? ))) Some of the charts were taken from our cart: We discuss in the chat:

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