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Good news for traders who want to make money in the stock market: Gerchik & Co has launched the long-awaited Gerchik & Co Stocks project and has opened direct access to the assets of the US stock exchanges.

How to make money in the stock market with Gerchik & Co Stocks? There are opportunities here for positional trading and long-term investment, as well as for profitable intraday trades.

The main advantages of the company:

  • Low commissions (from $ 0.002 per share).
  • Access to Dark Pools for professional, large deals.
  • Payment of dividends on shares in full.
  • Three algorithms for finding the best liquidity.
  • Increased leverage for Overnight positions.
  • Platform with Level II at no extra charge.
  • Trade in the stock market without restrictions on the number of positions per day.
  • Convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Certainly, one of the most striking advantages of Gerchik & Co Stocks is the reputation of its creators. The project was implemented within the framework of Gerchik & Co, an international brokerage company, the CEO of which is investor and businessman Ivan Kroshny, and the president is the famous multimillionaire trader Alexander Gerchik.

Gerchik’s name is well known in the financial market: in 2006, he became the most secure day trader on Wall Street according to the Wall Street Warriors thanks to his break-even trading. His experience and knowledge accumulated over the years in the stock market formed the basis for Gerchik & Co Stocks.

Those who want to discover the American stock market can find out more about the project at the link:

Libertex [CPS] WW



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