How to save up to buy shares?

Many people, upon learning that I am a stock trader, truly admire and immediately begin to regret that the world of investment is not available to them. Someone does not have a minimum amount to open an account, and this is an average of 30,000 rubles in the market of exchange services, and someone thinks that this amount is not enough to start independent trading, and everyone is waiting for at least 100,000 rubles to accumulate. but business, family, pleasant and unpleasant sudden events prevent this from happening.

Optimization of income and expenses or order in everyday life

I believe in the power of financial planning, I have seen with living examples how maintaining a personal budget, optimizing income and expenses, evaluating a person’s assets and liabilities help him find resources for investment, which means opening the door to financial freedom. That’s just competent financial planning – the process is long. In practice, you will have to change many coaches, get acquainted with the mass of literature, spend a lot of time on practice in order to comprehend this art.

But everyone says that the sooner you start investing, the better! Eh, if there was start-up capital, then it would be possible to start trading on the stock exchange, and at the same time pump the financial plan! Where can I get it quickly? Until recently, it seemed to me that this is impossible without financial planning. But then life circumstances happened that opened up a magical path for me.

I have studied for a long time the topic of ZeroWaste, the KonMari system, FlyLady, the Scandinavian cleaning system, I really like the idea of ​​smart consumption. But it just didn’t work out with practice, I took some of the parts of theories I liked, they helped me instantly improve some parts of my life, but there was no perfect harmony. And then the move! The new apartment inspired a change. It is not for nothing that there is even a method of putting the house in order according to the “Moving cleaning” system (in reality, people do not move anywhere, they simply emulate the situation and get rid of unnecessary things).

My goal was – a perfect home, without unnecessary things! It was important for me to be able to quickly cook food in a convenient ideal dish, and not delve into scoop spoons. It was important for me to quickly get ready for work, events, friends, and not waste time looking for my favorite T-shirt. For me, it is important to keep seasonal items ideally, convenient for all family members, and not to come up with excuses that the housekeeper hid everything again.

I didn’t need money to start investing, but suddenly, after several months of preparation for the move, 120 thousand rubles settled in my pocket, an elegant hobby appeared to envy all my friends, very useful connections, new knowledge, amazing impressions appeared … I did not sell Dali’s sketches , branded clothes or dishes from Mason. I did not plan to sell anything at all, but thought about giving away unnecessary things. But after seeing the excitement around the things I offered for free on the well-known free classifieds site, I realized that I could try to compensate a little for my stupidity of irrational consumption.

Once I tried to share this success on one TV channel for the adult generation. Alas, they have vulgarized everything and reduced my philosophy to the fact that I supposedly banally advise you to sell your last pants and start trading on the stock exchange with that money. This is not true at all! Just sit down in silence and now list in your mind everything that you own. No no! It is not enough just to know where the tennis racket or the light bulbs are. How many of these things are there? Happened? Unlikely! Do not be discouraged, you are not a careless owner, you are a person who will soon have money for the first investment. In the future, investments will bear fruit, and you will not be afraid for your health, have a decent rest, enjoy your truly favorite things. However, the creators of the theories mentioned above will tell you about this philosophy.

Step-by-step instruction

I will tell you how in Russian realities I managed to make 120 thousand rubles on “trash” and not fall into the clutches of scammers. I have already named the first condition – you need to strive to know everything that you own. It’s very hard when you live with a family and things get mixed up. The main thing here is to start with yourself. Do not interfere with the everyday life of your family. Themselves will catch up!

Second, when you create an account on free ad services, never turn on auto-renewing ads. Let the site remind you that your item hasn’t sold in 30 days, and then you need to give it away for free or throw it away.

Third, don’t be afraid to give things away for free! Giving away the toys to the cat, I met wonderful volunteers who later helped me rescue the cat and 4 kittens from the basement. While giving away chess, I met a charming student who inspired me by the fact that young people are not only sitting in gadgets. Giving the floss and beads, (Lord, where did I get this from), I met a seamstress, and in my new house there are now beautifully hemmed curtains at a price below the market. Honestly, I have had some annoying blunders. Once I was giving away a huge bag of clothes, and we could not dock with the girl who wanted to pick it up. I offered to bring him to a nearby metro station, but she didn’t come … Fortunately, there were a lot of people willing to buy these things, and I didn’t have to drag it back home.

Hence the conclusion – we are meeting on neutral territory, but convenient for the donor. It is not safe to meet directly at home, even if you move, you should not cause inconvenience to future residents and neighbors. One enterprising peasant who received something from me as a gift, at the same time grabbed some part of the intercom. He returned it, of course, but the concierge looked at me for a long time. This incident reminded me that people are different, and reasonable care is needed in everything.

A little about scammers

Oh, and how many financial scammers have I met on the free classifieds site. It is important to know that not only sellers are deceiving by not sending goods, but now it is very common to try to deceive sellers. Pseudo-buyers send you a duplicate link of the free classifieds site, ostensibly to pay in this way, but in reality they are trying to fetch your card details.

Old chest of drawers and other heirlooms

Oh, something I went negative! Let me tell you about my favorite deal, I call this story “Heirlooms.” The real estate market moved in the summer of 2020 throughout Russia, and we were able to sell the illiquid assets that had stood for years in our Volga region. Naturally, there was a process of pre-sale preparation and again a struggle with centuries-old rubbish. But, like beautiful flowers sometimes grow on a heap of dung, I found unique things in a heap of rubbish: a pre-revolutionary dining table, an elegant coffee table, a chest of drawers and a sideboard. I didn’t want to transport them to a new house and waste time and effort on restoration. Without much hope, I put them up on the free classifieds site, and I was already looking for a car to take them to the local museum at my own expense.

Then I remembered that these things and the mansion itself, where they came from, may be of interest to a local ethnographer. A long time ago, I read his article about our “family nest”, but, as I understood, no one let him inside the house. And there are stucco moldings, interesting details, four-meter ceilings, Monier vaults and other remarkable architectural solutions. The magic of social media and we met. The local historian was delighted! And in gratitude he invited my husband and me to his exciting excursions. Here the time of delight has come for us. Having lived for 25 years in the city, I did not know so much how much this man, who was fascinated by the history of the region, told me. While we were wandering around the excursions, re-recognizing our hometown, a charming customer was found for our family trash … Oh, very valuable antiques! Since she was from another city, I had to find a restorer, by the way, if necessary, I can now share my contacts, and I also had to deal with the logistics of transportation, but now I also have contacts of excellent companies that carry things around the country. They were already useful to me when moving and saved ten thousand rubles.

Honestly, by my estimates, I’m halfway to the ideal of home life. Most likely, in the next six months, while improving, I will help out another 100-200 thousand rubles. But this is not the most important thing. Comfortable living conditions leave me more time to develop skills of a stock exchange specialist, help to create a great schedule and find time for work and family. I have already felt the effect of the saying: “Order in the house, order in the head”!

I hope I inspire some of you to change too. I am waiting for your exciting stories about how you put things in order in the house and received money into your first brokerage account or increased the current one.

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